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Rape. Louis Gohart, R-Texas, announced Monday that he would run for Texas attorney general against Republican incumbent Ken Paxton.

“We have to control our borders. Much more needs to be done. The Attorney General’s office can do a lot more. And so, this is one of the issues that worries me a lot, including electoral integrity.” Including. I feel like my lawyer could normalize — should have done more,” Gohmert said Monday during an appearance on Newsmax.


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Gohart’s decision comes after he asked a search campaign website for 100,000 citizens to donate $100 to his campaign, with a goal of reaching $1 million by November 19. The GOP lawmaker launched the website on November 9, saying the proper documents were “filed to collect donations.”

“We need a Texas Attorney General whom the top lawyers working for him have not found necessary to send a letter to the FBI to investigate his boss’s corruption,” the website says,

Representative Louis Gohmert & Friends on Fox 10.3

Gohmert would join a Republican field that already had Texas General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush, former Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman, and Texas Republican State Rep. Matt Cross.

“I announced a few days ago that if I can raise a million dollars that I’ll run … for attorney general, and so far, the money, it’s been raised. I’ll run for the job of Texas attorney general, Gohmert said on Monday.

Gohart’s decision comes after former employees accused Paxton of using their power to help Austin investor Nate Paul, a key contributor to his campaign.

Paxton fired the employees, claiming they had been “rogue” and made “unfounded claims” about them. The employees then filed a lawsuit claiming they were fired as retaliation for reporting their behavior to law enforcement.

Paxton won the 2018 race against Democratic nominee Justin Nelson with 50.6% of the vote.

Gohart has represented Texas’s first congressional district in the House since 2005.