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Louisiana’s Republican attorney general has launched an investigation into four hurricane-related nursing home deaths and is asking why two state officials, both brothers of the state’s Democratic governor, have not launched their own investigation.

Four Louisiana Nursing Home Patients Died This week, along with more than 800 other nursing home patients, were taken to a warehouse that was later determined to be unsafe.


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Independence, Louisiana, rapidly deteriorated at the warehouse, According to Eli Nilo, spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Health.

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“We know that water had entered the building,” she told the Associated Press, noting that there were problems with the power generator.

Neil said the health department received reports of people lying on mattresses on the floor and not being fed, changed or socially distanced, and on Tuesday when a team of health inspectors showed up to check the warehouse, nursing facilities The owner demanded that they leave.

Neil identified the owner as Baton Rouge businessman Bob Dean.

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Three of the four deaths are classified as “hurricane-related,” prompting Republican Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry to launch his own investigation and wonder why the nursing home’s patients were transferred. Why more has not been done to investigate it.

“Our goal will be to determine who made the decision to move these patients to this apparently unsafe and potentially unsuitable facility,” Landry said in a video. Statement Friday. “We wanted to determine who authorized that these patients to be moved to the facility, who supervised the movement, who later attempted to look into the situation to career staff members of the Louisiana Department of Health and the police chief. And why did the sheriff’s state not need to investigate. How exactly did these deaths happen?”

In the video, Landry called on both brothers from the Louisiana Gov. Police Chief of Independence and Tangipahoe Parish Sheriff, John Bel Edwards, for not launching their investigation.

“It can be a long process; and we are all in the middle of recovering from Hurricane Ida that needs our attention,” Landry said. “However, we must determine the facts surrounding these tragic deaths.”

Independence Police Chief Frank Edwards III and Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards did not immediately respond to Granthshala News’ requests for comment.

Governor Edwards said this week that he was “saddened by the situation.”

“We are going to conduct a thorough investigation into whether these facilities, the owners of the facilities, failed to keep residents safe and whether they intentionally obstructed efforts to check on them and determine what conditions were in the shelter. ,” They said. . “And if need be, we will take aggressive legal action against any responsible party.”

Granthshala News’ Julia Musto contributed to this report