Customers at the Louisiana Gun Store, who suddenly opened fire in the shooting, showed no signs of anger or agitation before their attack on the New Orleans-area store, the local sheriff said Monday.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto confirmed during a press conference two days after allegedly shooting Joshua Williams and killing two people that he was also badly injured, that the 27-year-old man had a gun. There was legal permission to leave and a provocation was exchanged for shelling at gun outlets in suburban Metairie on Saturday afternoon.

“The fact of it is, I don’t know if we’ll ever know why it happened”

– Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto

But the attack is still linked to suspense.

“I don’t know why,” Lopinto said during the briefing. “There are some crimes that happen in your career and this is the one for me: there is no reason it should ever turn into this incident.”


Joshua Williams, his brother, Timothy Williams, and his brother’s two children, ages 7 and 9, entered the Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie on Saturday, Lopinto said, to buy ammunition.

“They were in the shop for about seven minutes, conversing with the clerks, picking up the ammunition that they needed,” Lopinto said.

But Joshua Williams broke one of the store’s rules, in that he had a gun loaded with an extended magazine, which is not allowed unless someone moves into the gun range area.

When the store clerk snatched the gun, he asked Joshua Williams if it had been loaded, and they replied that it was not. The clerk then asked if he cleaned the gun or took it out, Lopinto said.

“There was no argument between the two. There was no argument between the clerks or Mr. Williams at the time,” Lopinto said. “Joshua Williams was not really confrontational with that view. He Not necessarily wanting to bring his gun into the car, but he was cooperating mainly because his brother asked him to cooperate … there was no resentment, I’d say, among the staff. “

Interviews with witnesses and review of the sign Joshua Williams showed no signs of anger or agitation before he was heading for the exit. But he fired in the air outside before firing his gun as he went in and out of the building several times.

In the first 48 hours following the shooting, investigators recovered more than 2,000 testimonies and about 3,000 photographs. There were eight shooters and police have taken statements of 25 witnesses. Investigators found about 100 different gun casings.

The Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office performed three autopsies, and two additional people, both store employees, were injured, Lopint said.

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“It’s the fact that I don’t know if we’ll ever know why it happened,” Lopinto said.

The part released by the sheriff’s office during a livestreamed news conference in Greta shows what happened. It shows Williams at the door of the store. At another point, it shows Joshua Williams targeting 59-year-old Veronica Billiot of Belle Chase, who is also a customer. It targets him in the area, where Jefferson’s 47-year-old employee Herbert “Noah” Fischbach covered behind a counter. And it shows him walking up and down a hallway in the building where a firearms class was moving.

ATF investigators look for evidence of the scene of multiple shootings at the Jefferson gun outlet on Saturday, February 20, 2021 in Mete, La.  (AP Photo / Matthew Hinton)

ATF investigators look for evidence of the scene of multiple shootings at the Jefferson gun outlet on Saturday, February 20, 2021 in Mete, La. (AP Photo / Matthew Hinton)

Seven others fired at Joshua Williams before gunning and shooting all firearms trained employees at the shooting range out of the building, Lopinto said.

It remained unclear on Monday if two of the injured were shot by bullets from Joshua Williams or anyone else.

Timothy Williams fled the store with his children after the shooting began. Lopinto stated that he cooperated with the authorities and could not explain his brother’s behavior. He The officers made a statement and “Lopinto said,” basically his brother flipped over.

Lopinto said Fischbach was one of the employees who returned fire as soon as the shooting began. However, he had taken cover behind a counter and was on the floor with his back towards Williams, unaware that Williams had restarted the store after he was killed when he was killed.

Fischbach’s wife, Nancy, told The Times-Picayun / The New Orleans Advocate Her husband was a special effects expert and a weapon-making expert overseeing the use of weapons on film sets. She Said that COVID-19 was working on a gun shop due to a ban on the film industry. She He believes he died helping people inside the store.

“He Bending backwards for everyone … He As long as they did nothing wrong, nobody will get hurt, ”she said.

Granthshala News’ Bradford Betz and The Associated Press contributed to this report.