Macron attacks Boris Johnson over Northern Ireland – follow G7 live

‘Nothing is negotiable’ Macron firm on Brexit talks

French President Emmanuel Macron has increased pressure on Boris Johnson over the Northern Ireland Protocol, saying “nothing is negotiable” and doomed the UK’s efforts to claim “harmony” at the G7 summit.

In a defiant statement at the Elysee, which he made before his visit to Cornwall, Mr Macron warned his British counterpart that France was not ready to renegotiate any aspect of the protocol – and questions whether Can the UK be trusted?

“If after six months you say we cannot respect the negotiations, that means nothing can be respected. I believe in the weight of a treaty, I believe in taking a serious approach I do. Nothing is negotiable. Everything is applicable,” he said.

It comes as Mr Johnson played down a split with US President Joe Biden, telling the BBC this morning that their alliance should be known as an “indestructible relationship … [which] has persisted for a very long time, and has been an important part of peace and prosperity in Europe and around the world.”

There were concerns on Thursday after it was revealed that Mr Biden’s senior-most diplomat had accused No 10 of “instigating” tensions in Northern Ireland.


Raab hints at delays in UK-US travel plans

Dominic Raab said the resumption of travel between Britain and the US was discussed by Boris Johnson and Joe Biden on Thursday evening, but indicated it was not yet at the top of the government’s list of priorities.

He told Sky News: “We all want to do it, it was something that was discussed yesterday and we have an idea … but it’s not something we will announce anytime soon.”

After Mr Biden arrived in the UK for the G7 meeting in St Ives, the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, tweeted: “We are delighted to announce a joint UK/US taskforce to help reopen transatlantic travel is.”

The group will extensively explore options for resuming flights in what was once the busiest and most lucrative transcontinental route network in the world.

Both countries have long been under pressure to resume travel between the two countries, which has been put on hold since March 2020. The US is currently on the Amber List, which means any traveler returning to the UK will have to isolate at home for 10 days.

Sam Hancock11 June 2021 09:42

UK global vaccine push will not affect domestic schedule

Vaccines Minister Nadim Zahawi has said that the UK’s contribution to vaccine programs around the world will result in the British public not having to wait any longer for a COVID vaccine.

“Our priority is to make sure the British public is safe, so our deployment program will not be impacted by our donation of 100 million doses,” he told BBC Radio 4. Today program.

“We’ve got over 500 million doses on order.”

His reassurance came after Boris Johnson promised the UK to send 100 million surplus vaccine doses to some of the world’s poorest countries.

The prime minister made the pledge this year at the G7 summit in Cornwall, where world leaders are expected to collectively agree to provide one billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in an effort to end the pandemic in 2022.

Sam Hancock11 June 2021 09:30

‘Less purist, more practical’: Raab blasts EU from Cornwall

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has said talks between Boris Johnson and Joe Biden on Northern Ireland “did not last long”.

Describing the meeting as “incredibly heated”, Mr Raab said “many other things” were being discussed that the issue of Northern Ireland’s trade was not at the fore.

Mr Raab said the prime minister was able to explain that “we want a flexible, pragmatic approach”.

“But for this to happen the EU has to be less puritanical, more pragmatic and more flexible in its implementation. The ball is in the EU’s court in that regard,” Mr Raab told Sky News.

“There was a respectful conversation. The Prime Minister wanted to take this up and be very clear on our position. It is the dogmatic, puritanical approach adopted by the EU that risks the Good Friday Agreement.”

Sam Hancock11 June 2021 09:20

PM criticizes EU for being ‘heavy’ on post-Brexit trade rift

Britain has suggested the EU is taking an “overly cumbersome” approach to the post-Brexit trade arrangement for Northern Ireland.

Boris Johnson insisted he was not trying to back away from the deal, but that Britain’s “internal market” must be respected.

It comes after the European Union threatened to launch a trade war against Britain if it fails to enforce checks on goods entering Northern Ireland under the terms of the Brexit “divorce” agreement, to which Mr Johnson was signed, and which included the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol. .

The prospect of a “sausage war” trade dispute came as Brexit minister Lord Frost refused to rule out the possibility that the UK could unilaterally delay the imposition of checks on British-made chilled meats that would come into force at the end of the month. Huh.

The protocol effectively placed Northern Ireland on the European Single Market to avoid a hard border with Ireland, meaning a trade barrier in the Irish Sea for goods crossing from Great Britain.

Joe Biden, who has Irish ancestry, is taking a keen interest in the controversy and has warned against anything that could destabilize the arrangements put in place by the Good Friday Agreement. The White House has already indicated that Mr Biden has deep concerns about the situation.

Sam Hancock11 June 2021 09:04

Live answers to your questions about the G7’s impact on Cornwall

Join independentK Colin Drury, who is reporting on the G7 Summit from Corbys Bay and St Ives, will answer your questions this afternoon about how the city is reacting when the summit is at the center of the summit.

Oliver Baines, Cornwall organic farmer and Extinction Rebellion coordinator, will join them over the phone, leading protesters through St Ives when you have questions.

All you have to do is drop your questions in the comments section of the article below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as 3 PM.

Register here (and remember to submit your question by 1 PM on Friday):

G7: Have your questions been answered live about the impact of the summit on Cornwall

As the G7 summit begins, The Granthshala reporter Colin Drury will answer your questions about the current situation in Cornwall with Cornwall organic farmer and Extinction Rebellion coordinator Oliver Baines.

Sam Hancock11 June 2021 08:55

Johnson defends UK’s international Covid vaccine bid

Boris Johnson has defended his approach to tackling the global pandemic as the UK offered at least 100 million surplus vaccine doses to some of the world’s poorest countries.

PM pledges as leaders of some of the richest democracies on the planet gather in Cornwall, with the Group of Seven major industrialized nations collectively agreeing to provide one billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in an effort to end the pandemic is expected to be. 2022.

Mr Biden has already pledged to donate half a billion Pfizer vaccines to 92 low- and lower-middle income countries and the African Union. Under Mr Johnson’s plan, the UK will provide five million doses by the end of September, and 25 million more by the end of 2021.

Mr Johnson told the BBC: “I think the people of this country should be very proud that 1.5 billion doses are being distributed around the world to the poorest and needy people, three of them under the Covax programme. One comes from the Oxford/AstraZeneca deal that the UK had, allowing those vaccines to be distributed at cost.

He said the G7 was offering “a huge amount of vaccines” overall.

Photo of Biden and Johnson in Carbys Bay

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Sam Hancock11 June 2021 08:40

Dunn family wants to meet Biden and say ‘justice must be done’

Harry Dunn’s mother has said that her family would welcome the opportunity to meet US President Joe Biden following the remarks made by Boris Johnson this morning (see my post from 8.03 am).

Speaking on BBC Radio 4s Today programme, Charlotte Charles, whose 19-year-old son died in Northamptonshire in 2019, was asked if she was looking forward to meeting Mr Biden.

“I would say for sure not. The last time we had a meeting with the President of the United States of America, Mr. Trump, it clearly did not go well,” she said.

“We played a really bad trick on us that left some deep emotional scars to be honest. That was a terrible day. So absolutely, we would very much welcome a meeting with President Biden, given that he has personal experience with what we are doing.

Investigated whether a civil claim filed in the US could represent justice for Harry if the US insists on diplomatic immunity of suspect Anne Sacoolas, Mrs Charles told Today: “No no. Justice means standing up and accepting accountability for one’s actions. A civil claim is very different from a criminal case. So justice still needs to be done here in the UK. This has always been my goal – It’s not going to change.”

“She needs to face UK jurisdiction, it has to be done,” said Mrs Charles.


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