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Made in America products are making headlines this holiday season amid global supply chain disruptions.

Mark Andol, founder of the Made in America store, told Granthshala Business on Wednesday that his company avoids shipping delays by selling 100% of its products made in the US, including packaging.


“It’s not doom and gloom,” Andol told Granthshala Business’ Hilary Vaughan. “The reset button has been pressed.”

After witnessing overseas expansion at a previous job, Andol began business in Elma, New York. Although they started with only 50 products, today, the store is a 10,000 item strong, coming from a variety of American entrepreneurs and mom-and-pop shops.

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Supply chain crisis triggers a ‘renaissance of American manufacturing’

“We are the customers of the world now, and China is the factory of the world,” Andol said. “We have to go back to building things.”

According to Andol, e-commerce has also played a big role in selling Made in America products. Online sales during the pandemic helped keep the store up 20% through 2020.

Working as both a manufacturer and a store owner, Andol acknowledges that rising factory costs have reduced production by 40% due to component part delays and inflationary pressures.

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Andol told Vaughn that he was grateful he was able to keep his manufacturing workforce stable by developing his own products, employing skilled workers, such as welders, from industrial to commercial products and aggressively pursuing smaller consumer jobs. Was.

“Make it an all-American Christmas,” Andol said. “do your part.”

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