Madison Cawthorn calls for mothers to raise ‘monster’ men in terrifying speech

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Republican Representative Madison Cawthorne of North Carolina claimed that society was trying to “de-masculine young men” and urged mothers to make an outspoken display of toxic masculinity by watching their sons become “monsters.”

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Citing “historically low” testosterone levels in young men, Mr Cawthorne is seen in videos circulated on social media and reportedly filmed at a recent event, saying that “our culture is ours today. Trying to completely de-masculine all the youth of the culture. (sic)”.

“But my friends, they are trying to remove the masquerade of the youth in our country because they don’t want those who stand up,” the representative claimed.


A staunch Donald Trump aide urged mothers present at the event, who claimed they were “the most vicious” in the right-wing movement, to demonize their sons.

“If you’re raising a young man, please raise him to be a monster,” he said.

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His remarks were met with applause and applause from the audience.

However, the Republican received criticism online for his “radical” statement.

“America is an extraordinary nation because we don’t raise demons,” Representative Ted Liu wrote in a tweet criticizing Mr Cawthorne.

“Radical Republicans are dangerous,” he said.

Luke Ball, a spokesman for Mr Cawthorne, said Congress was urging parents to raise their sons to be “strong, godly, men who are warriors of truth and morality.”

“Monsters and lions, not wimps and sheep,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying newsweek.

Mr Cawthorne is notorious for his radical speeches. Earlier this year, he gave a speech at the January 6 “Stop the Steel” rally, which preceded the Capitol Hill riot. Trump supporters claimed that Mr Trump lost the election because of illegal voter fraud.

In August, he said that “bloodbath” was inevitable if “the rigging of our elections continued”.

His statement has been criticized by several politicians, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican leader Liz Cheney, who is a far-right critic.

Ms Pelosi said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy should act after Mr Cawthorne said those arrested after the Capitol riots were “political hostages” and that another plan was being worked on to bring people to Washington .

“In less than eight months, rebels stormed the US Capitol to beat police officers and put the lives of Capitol workers, journalists, members of Congress and congressional staff at risk,” said Ms Pelosi, Republican Representative Madison. Cawthorne called for another attack in 6 January style,” Ms Pelosi said. in a statement.

In another public statement, Mr Cawthorne said if Republicans took full control of Congress, he would bring legal charges against Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

He said in a tweet that Dr Fauci was the highest-paid government employee who was wrong about “science” every time.


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