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Later Treating a Special Crowd to a Secret Concert Below the Red Rooster restaurant in New York City at Ginny’s Supper Club on Friday, the mother of jesus Walked the streets of Harlem with a filter-free look.

The superstar, 63, fled the event with a choir, later performing his hit song “Like a Prayer” on the steps of a local church.


Though Every Madness looked more glamorous than ever in a fitted black ensemble, sparkling jewels and long blonde hair in photos from the night, some social media critics couldn’t help but comment.

“real life vs instagram,” one person tweeted With pictures of the singer side by side, while one more echo, “Madonna, reality vs the picture she posts herself on Insta..”

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Madonna’s fans hit back at critics who lashed out at her different appearances.

“Who said Madonna doesn’t look good without a filter? Just look at this beautiful lady, it looks good [63], ” one wrote, alluding to photos of the entertainer’s recent appearance on “The Tonight Show.”

While chatting with Jimmy Fallon Thursday night to promote her new Paramount+ documentary, “Madame X,” Madonna’s youthful spirit was on full display as she crawled across the host’s table late at night and showed her derrière to the audience.

Madonna speaks on stage during the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards at Barclays Center in September 2021.  Recently, Madonna performed her hit song 'Like a Prayer' on the steps of a church in NYC (Photo by Mike Coppola/MTV/Getty Images for ViacomCBS)

Before showing her back, though, “Material Girl” told Fallon, 47, that she hopes her film’s audience will understand that “art is important in our lives.”

“The artists are here to disturb the peace,” Madonna elaborated, quoting writer James Baldwin. “And so, I hope I not only disturbed your peace this afternoon but people while watching the show, but I mean that in the best possible way.”

Madonna is shown at the Super Bowl wearing her thigh-high stiletto shoes.  Recently, the singer wore a filter-free look in NYC (Reuters)

This article was first published on Page Six.