Maharsala Ali was “directly joining” the first black female writer for a “Blade” reboot in Marvel

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    Stacey OC-Kaffour to write script for upcoming reboot

    Maharshala Ali was “directly involved” in recruiting Marvel’s first black female writer, it has been reported.

    Stacey Osei-Kuffour will pen the script for the studio’s upcoming The blade Reboot, title Blade, The Vampire Slayer.

    Ali, who is set to star in the film, helped to hire him. According to Hollywood reporter, “The studio has spent the last six months meeting with the writers in what was described as a meticulous exploration, with Ali directly involved.

    Stacey OC-Kafur Credit: Leon Bennett / WireImage

    “Only black writers were considered seriously, focusing on Marvel’s diversity and making representation an important factor – especially when dealt with a particular character.”

    Osei-Kuffour has worked with earlier projects Janitor, Amazon Prime Video’s Al Pacino-starring series Hunter, HBO’s Daud And hulu comedy PEN15.

    Ali is roped in to play the titular character in the reboot, which was originally played by Wesley Snaps. John West Jr. is the only other name of the film so far and will play the role of DEE. The release date for the film is yet to be confirmed.

    Upon the announcement of Ali’s casting in the new version of Blade, Wesley Snape bothered fans to “chilex” about Ali’s casting before sharing further thoughts on the news.

    He said, “I am happy for him. I am happy to see them. Flattery… what do they say? Imitation is the best form of flattery, ”Snipes said. “I appreciate getting love, and [that] I have created something that other people want to run and can probably put their stamp on it. “

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