Mainstream media ignores lewd Hunter Biden N-word texts to his lawyer

News this week that first son Hunter Biden regularly used racial slurs in conversations with his white lawyer was largely ignored by mainstream media as recently as early 2019.

The messages between Hunter Biden and Chicago-based attorney George Messier were saved on his abandoned laptop and were the first Reported by on Tuesday.

“How much money do I owe you,” Hunter Biden asked Messier in an exchange on December 13, 2018, before adding, “Because [sic] n—a better you don’t charge me Hennessy rates.”

The following month, Hunter Biden used the abuse twice in a bizarre, extensive conversation with Messier in which the first son even joked about the size of his genitalia and told Messier, “I only love you because you be black.”

The report was picked up by The Post and outlets including Granthshala News, US Sun, The Federalist and Washington Examiner.

Text exchange between Hunter Biden and his lawyer, George Messier.
Text exchange between Hunter Biden and his lawyer, George Messier.
Text exchange between Hunter Biden and his lawyer, George Messier.
Text exchange between Hunter Biden and his lawyer, George Messier.

However, The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN have all ignored the messages, some of the time Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, became the first president to formally commemorate the 1921 Tulsa race massacre. appeared days later.

The story cut to Twitter, where the phrase “#RacistHunter” started trending earlier this week. Many users questioned what the media reaction would have been if one of former President Donald Trump’s children had used the N-word like Hunter Biden.

“Try to imagine one of the Trump kids dropping the N-word,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Tuesday after the story broke. The next day, the former first son predicted: “Not only will he not be revoked, but Hunter will probably get some no-show 7 figure board seats out of it,” a reference to the younger Biden’s tenure on the board of Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma. Holdings.

National Review senior writer Dan McLaughlin agreed, saying, “Just try to tell people straight away that it wouldn’t be a big deal if one of Trump’s sons was on the record using the N word.”

Granthshala News contributor and National Review Online contributor Deroy Murdock agreed, stating “Granthshala News primetime”. wednesday night that “if it were a Republican who did this, the BLM would be on the streets, Antifa would probably be breaking windows. But this is the son of the President of the United States, this is Hunter Biden, this is a Democrat, so [he’s getting] Not just one pass, but total, complete, complete silence from the left.

Other conservatives highlighted what the mainstream media chose to cover rather than the story.

“Maybe @CNN didn’t cover Hunter Biden by using the N word because they were all at @JeffreyTubin’s welcome back party,” the former White House press secretary said. Sean Spicer, who noted a day earlier that “While @politico
Using the N-word ignored Hunter Biden’s new texts, it did manage to write a great piece on the affection of the White House chief of staff Soft Drinks Tab.

George Messires
George Messires

In addition to text messages, the Mail reported that Hunter Biden had a meme on his laptop that showed him hugging his father and former President Barack Obama. The text of the meme reads:

“Obama: You’ll be missed, man. Joe: May I say this? Only this time? Obama: lament Go ahead. Joe: You’re my n***a, Barack.”

President Biden himself has a long history of using racially charged language. Just last year, he told Charlamagne Tha God, host of the “Breakfast Club” radio show, that “if you have a problem finding out whether you’re for me or Trump, you’re not black.”


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