Making the right highball – a quick guide

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    Learning how to make a highball is very easy. At its core, a classic highball is Scotch and Fizzy mineral water mixed in a highball glass over ice. That is the lesson.

    I kid, I kid.

    Sure, you can just throw some mixed scotch, ice, and water in a glass and learn about your business. But to really “get” this mixed drink, you need to dial it into something more than that. The most important aspect – I would argue even more important than the Scotch you are using – is to cool your glass, water and whiskey first. I’ve been to the bars where they also keep the barspoons and jaggers in the freezer drawer.

    The idea behind all this chilling is that when everything is already cold, a special bit takes alchemy. Suddenly, you get a completely unique taste and textual experience from these three simple ingredients. Cold whiskey has its own viscous texture by bubbling in cold water, which brings flavor to the surface of the drink.

    If you try a highball like this, you Will Difference in taste. But since we’re only talking about whiskey mixed with water and ice (even at its most complicated, it’s easy), I’m taking it a step further. I am making three different highballs today to decide if the extra cash for high end bottles is really worth it with such a mixed drink.

    I’m starting with Johnnie Walker Black (a classic choice for a highball). Then I’m trying the same application with Johnny Green (our favorite expression of the entire Johnnie Walker line). Finally, I’m going a bit crazy and mixing a highball with Johnnie Walker Blue (I was lucky enough to light up my beautiful New Year of the Aux Limited Edition on Lunar New Year).

    Yes, I am mixing $ 200 + bottle of scotch in a mixed drink… for science! To test whether “good stuff” has its effect when you consider it like “cheap stuff”. Let’s Shake!

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    Part 1: Highball

    Jach johnston


    • 1.5-oz. blended Scotch Whisky
    • 4 oz. Fizzy Mineral Water / Club Soda
    • ice

    When it comes to using what scotch to drink, go with mixed. Whether it is a fuzzy mixture or a sweet mixture is on you. I like the whisper of smoke in my highball, but have to tame it. I also like sweet wares and some fruits. To me, he is Johnny Walker. If you like Chivas or Dewar’s old school black and white, go for it!

    Likewise, if you’re not into Scotch, try your favorite burbon or rye or candian or Irish whisk (e) y. Be sure to pre-chill your bottle before you start mixing.

    what you’ll need:

    • Collins glass or highball glass (a tall 10-ounce glass)
    • Barspoon
    • Jigger
    Jach johnston


    • Put everything in the freezer (glass, spoon, liver, and whiskey) and keep the water in the fridge overnight.
    • Add ice to the pre-cooled glass (I like to have the barspoons already in the glass to make stirring easier).
    • Add chilled whiskey and top with cold water.
    • Stir lightly.
    • service tax.

    Part 2: Test test

    Jach johnston

    Test Test 1: Johnny Walker Black Label

    Okay, that was great. On the first sip, there were a few ashen body smoke signature notes from Johnny Black. There was nothing too sweet, but the goods were definitely present. The water really helped mash up the ash-smoke, all while adding a nice finesse.

    It is refreshing, velvety smooth, very cold indeed, and hits the spot.

    Bottle Line:

    I like this. I have drank one lakh of these in a bar (club) with a bad bottle selection. It is easy to drink and gives you that light smoky reminder that you are actually drinking Scotch.

    Test Test 2: Johnny Walker Green Label

    Wow. I am surprised how different this taste is. There is a real feeling of dried cedar next to the lighter notes of sweet red berries. A play by the Green Label usually doesn’t have any seasoning or grass, but that’s okay. At the end there is a faint warp of smoke, but only barely.

    That wood and berry note mix really works with fizzy water, in a way a really fancy Bespoke all-natural soda.

    Bottle Line:

    It’s really very different to say Better Compared to Johnny Black Highball. However it is definitely not worse. I think if you want a full swirl of smoke, Black Label is more likely to cause your jam. Also, the price of black label is half.

    Test Test 3: Johnny Blue

    After the drastic shift between black and green, I didn’t really know what to do with this highball. It is lazy. It is like the best cream soda that was ever made. One that you have only heard rumors about. There was a slight nourishment under that well-rounded vanilla body.

    I got zero It was all velvet vanilla soda and creamy vanilla cake with walnuts.

    Bottle Line:

    It is extraordinary and very scary. If they can sell it in the can, it will never be in stock. But given that each 1.5-oz. The whiskey that goes into this highball costs about $ 15 (which is at least $ 75 to pour, folks), it’s not practical at all.

    Part 3: Final Thoughts

    Jach johnston

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the most loved mixed malt whiskey in a highball is still amazing. But this is the kind of thing – a great whiskey no matter how you like to drink it. I usually like Johnny Blue Neat or with a little water, but, wow, this highball was close to magical.

    In the end, I think I’ll stick with Johnny Green making his highballs. At the very least, it is more economical. Also, I really like that berry note with cedar and plum water. This is the very Pacific Northwest – reminds me of the wild huckleberry that grows around cedar.

    Still, if you ever have Johnny Blue around …


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