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Authorities said one man was killed when he tried to hit people on the sidewalk with his truck, crashed against a building and was then pulled out and beaten by a group in Southern California.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Hugo Reynaga said the man was asked to leave a business in Hawthorne early Saturday and then argued with someone while walking to his truck.


The man then deliberately drove the truck onto the sidewalk, nearly hitting a group of patrons, before his truck hit a tree, daily wind informed of.

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Reynaga said that as the patron tried to get the man out of the driver’s seat, he again accelerated and hit the corner of a nearby building.

Sheriff’s deputy Grace Medrano said guards pulled the driver out of the truck and continued to fight with Hawthorne police when police arrived.

Medrano said the driver suffered a blunt-force stroke and died on the spot.

Renaga said the incident was captured on surveillance video, but the footage was grainy and the fight partly took place in the back of the truck.

“You could see there was a fight going on, but you couldn’t tell who was doing what,” he told the newspaper.

Most of those involved in the fight were interviewed by detectives and then held pending the results of an autopsy.

Reynaga said that while detectives were waiting for the results of the autopsy to see if the man suffered any medical problems during the fight that led to his death, Renaga said the accidents were “not that impressive.” was.”

The driver was identified only as a man aged 40.