Man arrested in Florida over killings at Oklahoma marijuana farm

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The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said a suspect was arrested in Florida after four Chinese nationals were killed at a marijuana farm in Oklahoma.

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one in Statement On Facebook, the bureau said the suspect, Wu Chen, 45, was arrested by police in Miami Beach after a car tag reader flagged down the vehicle being driven. Chen was then taken to the Miami-Dade County Detention Center.

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Now awaiting extradition to Oklahoma, Chen will be charged with murder and shooting with intent to kill. A photo released by Oklahoma officials shows him sitting on a sidewalk without shoes and with his hands apparently tied behind his back.

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A murder investigation by Oklahoma authorities, US marshals and several other agencies began after four people – all Chinese nationals – were killed Sunday at a 10-acre marijuana farm in Hennessy.

according to an earlier facebook Post According to the State Bureau of Investigation, the local sheriff’s office “received an initial call of a hostage situation at a location on North 2760 Road in Kingfisher County”.

Wu Chen was arrested on Tuesday 22 November. Photograph: AP

According to authorities, at around 5.45 a.m. on Sunday, a male suspect entered “a building on a marijuana growing operation” that housed several employees. Authorities said the suspect “was inside that building for a considerable amount of time before the executions began”.

“When the deputy responded they found four dead and one injured. The injured person was taken to the hospital,” the bureau said. The injured victim was also a Chinese national.

“Due to a significant language barrier, notification to the next of kin is pending,” officials said, adding that “based on the investigation so far, it does not appear to be a random incident.”

Captain Stan Florence of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said authorities believe the suspect was known to the victims.

“They all knew each other… don’t know if they are related, or if they are co-workers, but certainly these individuals were, we believe, all known to each other,” he added. Told KFOR.

Mark Woodward, spokesman for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control Told It’s too early for The Associated Press to declare that illegal marijuana growth and trafficking will be a focus of the investigation.

“It’s a marijuana farm, obviously Oklahoma state law requires that they have a license from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority and from us,” he said, “one of the things we’re looking at is whether it’s legally received or was it obtained fraudulently? So that will be part of our investigation.”

Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana in 2018. next year, voters will decide Whether to legalize the recreational use of the drug.


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