The owner of an antique shop in Canada found that a hoof was hiding a literal fortune in his house.

Alex Archbold owns a store called Curiosity Inc. and runs a YouTube channel that handles buying and selling for the business. He Recently bought material from a house that belonged to a music teacher, though he was apparently unaware of what was hidden inside.

Archibold did not know that Bette-Zone RA was a hoarder until he bought the late music teacher’s house, Sun Report. Allegedly, the archivists only knew that the house had a grand piano.

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On Youtube, Archbold documented his journey of home search, mostly involving digging through a stack of boxes and bags. Some rooms were filled to the ceiling with containers, some of which contained designer clothes, while others were filled with garbage.

In other rooms, Archbold found silver dollars, purses filled with cash and bags that allegedly contained gold and diamond rings. According to The Sun, the antique dealer described the former owner of the house as a millionaire. He She says that she had known the woman before she left, but had no idea that she was hiding valuables behind her front door.

However not all valuables were stored at obvious locations. An expensive looking ring was allegedly found stuffed inside a shoe. Archbold also found some small silver straps, which were stuck inside the leaflet pile.

Archbold said that he spent $ 10,000 on purchasing the contents of the house, and has benefited greatly since. After auctioning everything, he estimates that he has earned about $ 400,000.