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Police have released new images of a suspect wanted to bottle up a 23-year-old man on a platform in Chelsea’s West 28th Street station on Monday night. The victim has suffered injuries to the neck, ear and back of the head.


Police are also looking for another man accused of stabbing him inside the West 4th Street station in Greenwich Village on the morning of October 2.

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While the city’s latest crime numbers show that there has been a 12.6% decrease in transit crime compared to the previous year, September saw an increase in incidents of mass theft, felony and theft as compared to September 2020.

Police data shows there has been a 25% increase in serious crimes, including 96 grand thefts in the transit system. This is compared to 64 of them in August and 55 of them in July. Subway robberies also rose 18% in September. Last month was 52 compared to 44 in August.

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Metro ride continues. More than three million people ride in a typical workday.

What should they do to reduce their chances of becoming a victim?

MTA board member Andrew Albert said, “Know who is around you, be alert and don’t stand near the edge of the stage.”

Albert said he believed more riders would deter some criminals.

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