Man whose friend’s sister, 32, keeps posting photos of him to Instagram divides opinion as he asks if it’s ‘overdramatic’ to be annoyed – as some claim he’s ‘totally justified’ and others insist it’s her way of flirting

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  • UK man says his friend’s sister is taking unwanted pictures
  • Posting on Reddit, explained that she is unsure whether she should confront the 32-year-old
  • The reactions convinced the man that he should ask him to remove the images.

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A man who has seen his friend’s sister uploading pictures of her on his Instagram account has asked if it would be ‘too dramatic’ to remove the images.

posting on redditThe man, who lives in the UK, said that he is spending a lot of time at his friend’s house to help arrange the wedding, although his friend’s sister has been taking pictures of him constantly.


She added that the 32-year-old insisted that he follow her on Instagram, where she learned that she had been sharing photos of him with her huge following and penning captions like ‘My bros met looks like a skinny Henry Cavill’ .

Admitting that he feels uncomfortable, commentators urged him to speak with the sister, but pointed out that it sounds like he might have a crush on her, so he should tread slowly.

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One person has sparked a debate about how to react to someone sharing unwanted photos of you on social media (file image)

The man confesses that he is torn for confronting his friend’s sister, although he wants the photos removed from social media.

He explained the situation, saying: ‘Would you ask someone to remove photos they posted on Instagram unsolicited for you and on multiple occasions?

‘Mate’s sister is an Instagram addict. In fact when I met him for the first time he asked me if I was on Instagram and follow him. I didn’t see so I saw him after a couple of weeks and the first thing he said was “You didn’t follow me on Instagram”.

Anyway I’ve been around my partner’s house the last few months as he’s getting married and I’m helping out (the bride is pushing for an epic wedding day). When I’m sitting there I can see him pointing to his phone and laughing.

‘ I logged into Instagram and he had pictures of me with the caption “My brother’s partner looks like a skinny Henry Cavill”. She has a lot of followers (because she has big “assets” which is half of all her pictures) and there were few comments on it.

‘I’m around the house over and over again, I see her pointing at my phone and I feel really uncomfortable. I log into Instagram and this time there is a video where she is zooming in and out on my face several times.

‘I must tell, this woman is 32 years old!

‘Should I say something? Posting pictures online doesn’t seem like a big deal. But the caption and the fact that random Randy men from all over the world watch it really annoy me whenever I think about it. I wish I had said something when she looked at the photo and would do it if it happened again. Or is it too dramatic?’

Posting on Reddit, the man explained that his friend's sister has been sharing pictures of him with his big Instagram.

Posting on Reddit, the man explained that his friend’s sister has been sharing pictures of him with his big Instagram.

The post quickly garnered nearly 100 comments, with many assuring the person that they would ask the photos to be removed from social media if they were in the same situation.

One user wrote: ‘Wow, didn’t see the twist of being 32. Really thought it was a playful teen. I think I’ll say something and ask him to stop and/or take them down. As you say it is making you uncomfortable, and you have not consented to those photos. He shouldn’t be using you for a quick joke online.’

Another said: ‘It’s not okay to make fun of someone on Instagram unless it’s between two friends who are okay with it. I would definitely ask to remove it. If she doesn’t, asking someone you know on the platform to report it might work.

‘It seems like she’s so obsessed with posting things and getting connected to social media that it’s affecting her ability to behave like a decent person. I can expect this from a teenager, but not from a 32-year-old!’

A third addition: ‘To go a step further, no one has the right to take pictures of you without your consent. Of course ask her to stop and remove the photos she’s already taken, and explain that if she doesn’t respect your wishes you’ll have to involve the police as you treat it as harassment.’

A stream of reactions to the post convinced the man that it was not unreasonable to ask his friend's sister to remove the pictures.

A stream of reactions to the post convinced the man that it was not unreasonable to ask his friend’s sister to remove the pictures.

While most of the responses were adamant that the photos should be removed, others argued that the man should not complain as it is likely that his friend’s sister is just expressing a crush and will eventually block the post .

‘Is it really that bad? Yes, you may not like it, but it’s not inappropriate, a bit rude, and at worst inconsistent! It sounds like she may have something for you and may not really know how to properly tell that like others her age.

‘Is it worth the argument, disagreement or confrontation? One wrote that she would get bored long ago and can move on with her life.

Another said: ‘Looks like maybe he has a childish crush on you? I probably wouldn’t bother asking him to take them down, but would avoid him as much as possible and cause drama. She loves attention so she can use it for that.

‘I don’t think she’ll take it well because she seems like an idiot. Might be more fuss than it’s worth. But if it is really bothering you then go for it.’

A third encouraged the man to seek revenge, saying: ‘Wait for marriage, then take some shameful people from him. Post them on Instagram.’

Another added: ‘Definitely sounds like she confronts him.’

Other responses to the thread claimed that the sister may have a crush and it's not worth the fuss of confronting her about the images

Other responses to the thread claimed that the sister may have a crush and it’s not worth the fuss of confronting her about the images


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