Manchester United 3-3 Everton: Toffee secured a dramatic draw with a final-gasp equalizer as 5 talking points

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    Dominic Calvert-Levine scored a goal in the 95th minute and Everton came from behind to secure a 3-3 draw against Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday.

    After plenty of starts for the game as well, it was the hosts who led the 24th-minute courtesy of Edinson Cavani, which led to a delicious cross in the back of home Marcus Rashford.

    And, taking the lead, Manchester United upped the gears and doubled their advantage on a half-time stroke through Bruno Fernandes, who fired a perfect right-footed shot over the keeper from outside the box into the top corner. Curled up.

    However, the spectators returned almost immediately in the second half, coming back on level terms within seven minutes of the restart with quick goals from Abdulaye Doukre and James Rodriguez as the joint defense.

    The home side pushed through Scott McTown once again in the 70th minute and saw a three-point par for Calvert-Levine earn a part of robbing their side to a late par home. Late for

    The result sees Carlo Ancelotti’s men in sixth place on the table, closing fourth-placed Liverpool with a game in the hands of their Mercedes rivals, while a frustrated Manchester United sit second in the table.

    On that note, here are five heads talking over a pulsating draw between Manchester United and Old Trafford’s Everton.

    # 1 fight Premier LeagueForm-in left-back

    Digne (R) This season data of Everton-IMG-LO =

    Shaw and Digne were both to prove their worth in the game, with the Englishman claiming an assist for Manchester United’s third goal, while the Frenchman’s probing delivery led to Everton’s late draw.

    # 2 Edinson Cavani performing his actual class at Manchester United

    Cavani opened the scoring with his sixth goal in the league this season

    With six goals (and counting) in the league at this level, not only has Cavani raised questions about his own fitness and ability, but he has also brought a wealth of experience with him.

    It has also enhanced the game of his fellow Raiders at the club.

    As such, despite being 34 years old this month, Cavani proved that he still had a lot to offer Manchester United and the game of football in general. He In fact, setting the standard for youth to follow Rashford, Greenwood and Marshall.


    Published 07 February 2021 07:06 AM

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