Many fans of the Royal Family believe that Prince Charles is not Prince Harry’s real father

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    It is no secret that Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a train wreck for their wedding. These two looked great together, but they were ultimately ill for each other in every way. Also pesky was the expansion that the Prince of Wales was in love with another woman.

    Problems in Charles and Diana’s marriage began until they walked down the aisle. By the time Prince Harry joined the family in 1984, the couple could barely tolerate each other. But are the rumors true?

    Is the Duke of Sussex really a different father?

    Prince Harry and Prince Charles | Max Mumbi / Indigo / Getty Images

    Prince Harry looks like someone had an affair with Princess Diana

    Princess Diana tried to make her marriage work. However, she was deeply hurt that her husband still loved his ex-girlfriend Camilla. She Also taking revenge by seeking the consolation of other partners.

    No one knows exactly when these matters happened. But royal followers know that one of Diana’s attempts was with British Army officer James Hewitt. And as Prince Harry aged, it became clear that he and Hewitt had physical similarities. Most notable is that both have red hair, which is not a common feature in the royal family.

    Physical comparisons between Harry and Hewitt have led some fans to believe that he is not the legitimate son of Prince Charles. Four decades after Harry’s birth, they are still debunking these rumors.

    James Hewitt denied the claim that he could be Prince Harry’s father

    James hewitt
    James Hewitt | Kent Gavin / MirrorCarics / Getty Images

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    While this would have made for a shocking royal scandal, there is one person who categorically denies the possibility of Prince Harry being a different father. Hewitt admitted that he had sexual relations with Princess Diana. But he insists that it began long after Prince Harry was born.

    “When I first met Diana, Harry was already a child,” Hewitt once told The daily mirror. “I can understand the interest, but by the time my relationship with Diana began, Harry was already on.” Of course, red hair is similar to me, and people say that we look alike. “

    He Concludes, “I’ve never encouraged these comparisons, and although I was with Diana for a long time, I have to tell her once and for all that I’m not Harry’s father.”

    Red hair belongs to Princess Diana’s family

    Prince Harry and Diana's family
    Prince Harry with Earl Spencer and Lady Sarah McCorclodel | Anwar Hussain Collection / Wireimage

    So where does that signature ginger hair come from? It originated from Diana. Princess Sarah Sarah McCorodel of Wales has red hair and her brother Earl Spencer was also a redhead during puberty.

    Although it is easy to see similarities between Harry and his mother, there are some similarities with his father, Prince Charles. It is true that Diana and Charles’ oldest son William looks like their father. But childhood photographs of Charles prove that Harry also shares physical traits with his father.

    Prince Harry made a very rude remark after Harry’s birth. He Diana had already been told that she was expecting a girl and that she had made no secret of her gender disappointment. “His first comment was, ‘Oh my God, this is a boy.” Her second: ‘And she also has red hair,’ “recalled Diana.

    The Prince of Wales eventually came to dominate it and now has a good relationship with Harry.

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