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They will be pre-warned if Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa are accused by Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley of convincing China, should then-President Trump, decide to launch a military offensive. The top White House military adviser has violated the law. and must be called before Congress to testify, according to retired Army Colonel Douglas McGregor.

McGregor, who retired from the military in 2004 and became a senior Pentagon adviser to Trump-era Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that he was no more surprised by the accusation that Mille essentially told his boss. Undermined, the then president, and rested a rival nation.


McGregor told host Tucker Carlson that he is not surprised by the allegation, but noted that Milley — as of 8 p.m. ET — has yet to offer his side of the story. Col said that Woodward – who has written other revelations on the Trump era – has a tendency to be “somewhat flexible in his interpretation” of events and quotes.

For his part, Trump has responded to the allegations, calling them “hard to believe” – ​​but if true, they constitute “treason” on the part of a US military general.

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Carlson asked McGregor if it was as serious as it seemed that Milley would have called Chinese General Li Xuocheng without informing his boss, Trump.

Mark Milley secretly called Chinese officials out of fear Trump would ‘attack’ in final days, claims book

McGregor replied that Millie, in fact, has no statutory authority as Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, and therefore cannot make policy or make military decisions, but only advises the President who is the de facto commander. -in-Chief – Unique in the US system where the military is civilian-led and not led by an active-duty general.

“President [of the JCoS] Not in a position to command anyone in the Armed Forces to say or do anything. He can’t. He is primarily a senior military adviser to the President. That is, so in theory, before he makes such a phone call, he will discuss the subject of the phone call with the president, the commander in chief,” McGregor said.

“He certainly won’t do anything without coordination with the National Security Adviser and the Secretary of State, because it goes beyond defense. This is a foreign policy statement that he is making. These are important things to understand.”

“[Milley] Violated the law, if it turns out to be true. We really need to hear from him – Congress needs to bring him in, put him under oath and answer questions before the Senate about this whole matter.”

McGregor said another aspect of the scenario is that the president cannot act completely independently in launching nuclear weapons, as critics might fear, but must instead engage in a “consultation process”. .

However, that process does not include Milley as chairman of JCoS, but as Pentagon chief and “strategic command”.

“[That] Nothing to do with Miley – [but] As an advisor, General Milley can speak and suggest what he should or should not do.”

The colonel said Milley, who remains in his presidential role under President Joe Biden, could resign if he felt so strongly that Trump was reckless or whatever the adjective was.

Trump doubts report, but says if it’s true it’s ‘treason’

“It doesn’t mean he has to leave the armed forces, it just means he leaves his position and someone else can be brought in. That’s what you do if you feel strongly that you’re with someone who Behaving that you can’t support,” said McGregor Milley, who has been in the military since 1980.

Later, Carlson said the allegations led to his view that Milley was a “disrespectful person”—heard of his controversial testimony about “White Rays” and other comments before Congress.

“On the other hand, we know for a fact that he was speaking in a capacity, I think, as a political partisan to the leaders of the other party,” Carlson said, adding that Woodward and Costa told General – While not informed, Trump spoke to Sen. Charles E. Schumer of New York and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., about his alleged contacts with General Lee.

“He made it clear on several occasions that he was speaking directly to [them], assuring them that they have control over things in the Pentagon. Many people watched, including the acting Defense Secretary. This is unfortunate,” McGregor said, reiterating the fact that Milley should in principle have no statutory control over military operations.

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“I just want to make one point very clear,” McGregor told Carlson. “President Trump is not someone who is ready to launch a nuclear attack against anyone. This is absurd nonsense.”

In closing, Carlson noted that Trump was the first president since Jimmy Carter didn’t start the war on his watch, contrary to allegations the Palm Beach Republican is somehow notorious.