‘Granthshala News Primetime’ host Mark Stein reacted to President Biden’s proposed gun control measures, stating, “The more he insists that nothing he’s doing is applying to the Second Amendment.” , As much ammo sales go through the roof. “

Mark Stein: An amendment is part of the constitution, and the constitution is certainly constitutionally absolutist – at least as long as they can force a judge to believe that the constitution is unconstitutional, a judicial decision any day now Should come, maybe the circuit from the ninth. In practical terms, the measures include: a ban on pistols stabilizing braces, which Joe Biden claims hand-guns can be used as high-accuracy low-replay rifles, and still easy pistols. With intrigue. There is a new rule that is supposed to be another on the so-called “Ghost Gun” that you can collect yourself, “Ghost Gun” is one of the new scary terms they’ve come up with. A national “red flag law” that allows family members or law enforcement to go to court for suspension of a person’s Second Amendment rights, and a gun-control attorney as head of the ATF.

Boy, I can’t wait to see these effects on child shootings every weekend in Chicago.

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