Writer and columnist Mark Stein voiced on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday, when the New York Times published a column recommending President Biden to establish a “reality caesar” to combat “disinfection”.

Times tech columnist Kevin Ross on Tuesday sounded the alarm about the popularity of right-wing Qiyeon conspiracy theorists who claim electoral fraud, with President Trump pushing ahead of the Capitol Hill riot on January 6, and calling it “baseless doctrine.” Said COVID-19 was manufactured in a Chinese laboratory. “

Stein told host Tucker Carlson that he had fought his battle against censorship and claimed that the idea of ​​free speech is now on the left as a “right-wing fetish”.

“On the other hand, they regard the ever-expanding range of subjects as being a true view … whether it is climate change or Islam, or transgender’s participation in same-sex marriage or sports, is a settled scene and Once we have them, they said that we no longer need to argue, ”he explained.

The NY Times, according to its report, introduced backlash overrunning to implement ‘Revival Caesar’.

“The problem is that there is a wide range of issues to be included in the list … [like] In the United States, where the official states disagree with the situation, for example, a new coronovirus that no one heard of a year ago and no one knows anything – just officially disagreeing is now forbidden.

“That’s why the mongoose phrase ‘dissolution’ – what is the information you are giving? It is official information. Ministry of information.”

Carlson noted Stan’s fight for champion free speech in Canada, with his guest noting that he was able to repeal an anti-speech law in his country.

“A back laborer” [in Canada’s Parliament] And I managed to repeal the hate speech law, “Stan is recalled. I don’t think we can do that today.”