Mary Wilson, a former member of The Supreme, had plans to release new music before her death

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    In many households, Mary Wilson and her voice were a staple. Her time with The Supermaze changed the image of black women in the music industry and business. She, Diana Ross and Florence Ballard created history with their voices. Now, Wilson has died unexpectedly, people are looking at her long and acclaimed career.

    Mary Wilson performs at Amoeba Records on November 18, 2015 Sherry Rayanne Barnett / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

    How did Mary Wilson die?

    Wilson’s death was reported by his publicist Jay Schwartz. He Told Cnn The 76-year-old “suddenly” died on February. The cause of his death has not yet been released.

    Unfortunately for fans, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, his funeral service will be private. There may be a public memorial as a fight against the progress of COVID.

    Motown Records founder and Wilson’s longtime friend, Berry Gordy, released a statement Variety About his passing.

    “Supermates were always known as ‘Motown’s girlfriends’. Mary, along with Diana Ross and Florence Ballard, came to Motown in the early 1960s. After an unprecedented string of Number One hits, television and nightclub bookings, They opened doors for themselves, other Motown acts, and many, many others.… I was always proud of Mary, ”he said. “She He was quite a star in himself and worked hard to enhance the legacy of Supremes over the years. Mary Wilson was very special to me. She There was a trailblazer, a diva and will be deeply missed. “

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    Mary Wilson’s career with The Supremes

    Originally named, The Primates, a band formed in 1959 in Detroit. When he signed to Motown, his career really took off.

    “It was really like walking into a Disneyland,” Wilson explained Guardian How was it in Motown. “All these creative people. People say: “Motown, it was a very big building”, but I always say no, Motown was always a collaboration between people, of course Berry (Gordy).

    Supermates became one of Motown’s most successful groups, and Wilson contributed to each of their 12 No. 1 pop hits from 1964 to 1969, according to Variety. At one point, they were also outsourced to the Beatles.

    “We were – RockOn’Roll were girls and we were good girls!” Wilson told The Guardian about his relationship with The Beatles. “I don’t think there was a rivalry between us and the Beatles. Paul [McCartney] Call me when Diane [Diana Ross] Left, saying: “Why did he leave – what’s going on?” The entertainment are actually quite compatible with each other. Until someone thinks of you and you think, “That person bothers me!

    Mary’s plan for the future

    Shortly before his death, Wilson posted a video on his YouTube channel announcing that he would be releasing some new music.

    “Hopefully some of them will be out on March 6, my birthday,” she said. It is unknown whether the music will still be released.

    What was the total wealth of Mary Wilson?

    According to Celebrity net worth, Worth $ 8 million at the time of Wilson’s death. In addition to earning his wealth from The Supremes, Wilson went on to have a solo career, where he released several disco albums. She Also published a wildly successful book, Dreamgirl: My Life a Supreme.

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