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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for episode five, “Date Night,” from season six of “The Masked Singer,” which airs October 13.

Another contestant is exposed on “The Masked Singer”.


On Wednesday night’s episode of Cupcakes Crushed, the voice behind the mask is revealed to be Ruth Pointer of The Pointer Sisters.

Pointer and his sisters June, Bonnie and Anita are known for their R&B-pop hits such as “Jump (For My Love),” “I’m So Excited” and “Fire”.

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The now 75-year-old star spoke to Granthshala News after being eliminated from the singing competition show. She said that performing on the show “makes you feel like a kid again on Halloween and something different and cool and fun and challenging.”

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In recent seasons, “The Masked Singer” has welcomed duets, beginning with the appearance of Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black on season four. Pointer’s turn in the show was originally supposed to be a pairing with sister Anita.

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“She definitely wanted me to continue, you know, representing us as a group,” Pointer said of her sister. “And I’m at her beautiful home in Beverly Hills now and hanging out with her, and me and her and her granddaughter Roxy and a friend Melissa saw it together last night and just made our heads scream.”

Ruth Pointer sang 'Phineas' by Bruno Mars.

After revealing their identities, contestants often comment on how difficult it is to perform in their elaborate costumes.

“You know those wardrobe boxes you use to pack? If you’re going, if you can imagine singing in over your head you know how I felt,” she explained.

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Ultimately, panelist Nicole Scherzinger guessed it was the pointer on the back of the cupcake, while the other panelists guessed wrong.

Ruth Pointer compared the display in her dress to a wardrobe box.

“I felt honored to connect with people who were trying to guess who I was — Roberta Flack, Tina Turner, Grace Jones, Leslie Jones, RuPaul,” Pointer insisted.

“The Masked Singer” returns Wednesday, October 21.

Granthshala News’ Ashley Dworkin contributed to this report