Matt Berninger on The National’s new song ‘Somebody Desperate’: “We all have these deep insecurities when it comes to our hearts”

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“This is someone facing their insecurities,” Berninger told Granthshala of the band’s new track, which appears in the end credits of the film adaptation of ‘Cyrano’.

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The National shares the brand new song ‘Somebody Desperate’, which is included in the end credits of the new film adaptation Cyrano — Watch it below along with Granthshala’s exclusive interview with frontman Matt Berninger.

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based on classic drama Cyrano de Bergerac – A fictionalized account of the self-aware, flamboyant, beloved poet of the same name – new adaptation of Cyrano Stars game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage stars in the titular role, and will hit UK theaters in January. The soundtrack arrives next week (December 10), with music by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National and lyrics by Berninger and his wife, Karin Besser.

In a recent interview Granthshala, Dessners discusses how on the tracks Cyrano The soundtracks are “national songs in a way, and have an inner, intimate feeling”. “Somebody Desperate,” the band’s first new song since 2019’s acclaimed “I’m Easy to Find,” ties in with the film’s plot, but as Berninger told us, with The Nationals, there’s a lot of lyricism of its own. It has the same premise – my love, loss, fear and concern for the one who has seen it for over two decades.


“I was writing a lot from my point of view and bringing my own insecurities and my own feelings into the story,” Berninger explained. Granthshala, “It’s easy to channel what’s going on through these characters, because we all have these deep insecurities when it comes to our hearts, and I’ve written about this stuff forever.”

Read Granthshala’s exclusive interview with Berninger below, as he tells us about the new song, what went into making the soundtrack, and how all the cast is less like Cyrano…

Granthshala: Working on you Cyrano At what point did ‘somebody despondent’ come into the picture – from 2018?

Berninger: “We wrote a lot of songs for the stage version of Cyrano, and then a lot of those songs changed and we added new ones for the film. It was an ever-evolving process. I initially wrote ‘Somebody Desperate’ for the Christian character, but we had enough songs for the film. The film weaves songs in and out, and these are not huge musical numbers. They come in and out of dialogue, and there are lots of short pieces of the song.

“It didn’t feel like the movie needed this song in the story, but it captured a holistic approach to the whole thing, and it could have been written about any of the three main characters.”

What do you consider the song about, and how does it fit in with the purpose of tying the narrative together?

“It’s a song about being honest with someone who isn’t honest with themselves, and not being honest with other people. It’s about being someone who’s facing their insecurities, and how they cover up those insecurities.” to make false pretense.”


Matt Berninger. photo press

You and Karin wrote all the lyrics for the soundtrack, singing for the cast. Was there a particular reason you wanted to sing it yourself, and put it out there as national?

,Cyrano Not necessarily a national project. Obviously Aaron and Bryce worked on it and I worked on it with my wife, but it was out of context for the band. We thought it would be interesting to make it a national moment at the end of the film, to show how we wrote the songs and how they were adapted – it’s like uncovering the hood of songwriting and pulling back. Curtain back.”

How did the writing process develop over the three years you’ve been working on the project? Are you surprised where it ended?

“I started writing these songs early in the morning in these private little moments on my laptop, and then Karin and I would do them back and forth—it was a very intimate grading process. Then, but then they had to dance and dance. Seeing it in a big ensemble, complete with fencing and choreography, is a huge leap forward from the kind of environment I’m used to!”

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“The emotions are still very quiet and introspective, and often these characters are alone and sing to themselves, and there aren’t many songs that sum up these big, musical theater songs. Most of them are people who are inside themselves. and my inner confession, and it’s different from a lot of music that way. When me or Karin were writing alone, it’s easy to get into the minds of these characters and imagine these desperate feelings. was what they are all doing for each other.”

With your lyrical background, do you think it helped you connect with the characters?

“I was writing a lot from my point of view and bringing my own insecurities and my own feelings into the story. It’s easy to channel what’s going on with these characters, because we all have these deep insecurities when it comes to our hearts, and I’ve written about this stuff forever. This song sounds like it could have been on any of our records. ,

“I was really excited about it when Erica Schmidt [Dinklage’s wife and Cyrano script-writer] Contact us first. It felt like being in my wheelhouse, with all these romantically insecure characters where I could write about love and desire and fear. I grew up like a slightly awkward teenager, and the story of someone wooing someone through song clearly resonates with me. It’s a way of coaxing their dirty feelings into something beautiful. ,

That’s what artists do, isn’t it?

“People who have difficulty interacting at a normal social level often end up in bands or become artists, because that’s how they learn to express themselves privately the way they want to. And the stories here are similar. Those characters were also so engrossed in that space that they weren’t able to really say what they wanted to anyone else, so they tried to get over their feelings and romanticize each other. Others draw up plans. It was a good fit for me, and it was a lot of fun doing it.”

NS Cyrano The official soundtrack is released on December 10 through Decca Records. national have Part of the world tour dates in 2022, which includes his return to London’s All Points East Festival for a major performance on Friday 26 August.

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