Republican Florida Representative Matt Gaetz accused the FBI of “ignoring actionable intelligence” about the origins of COVID-19 that he says “could have saved the American people.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray appears before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday. He was questioned by lawmakers including Getz over several ongoing investigations into the origins of the coronavirus.

In comments made after the hearing, the firebrand Republican claimed that a Chinese whistleblower had documents and text messages related to COVID that were not pursued by US investigators.

Getz told the Voice of Real America: “I’m deeply concerned that the FBI had actionable intelligence that could have saved the lives of the American people, but they ignored that intelligence. They didn’t act on it. And he missed a very important call.

“The director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, said, ‘Well, we’ll never know what a counter-intelligence operation is.’ Why was Christopher Wray answering questions about the coronavirus with responses that dealt with counter-intelligence?

“I think it so happens that they missed the witness of the fact, this whistleblower, not only a story to tell this person, but also the document and text message on WeChat, which showed how quickly the Chinese Communist Party It was revealed that it was a deadly virus.

“And the relationship that exists between the Chinese military, the development of this virus, its testing at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and its eventual release to the world.

“I think the FBI may be very guilty here. We’re going to stay on them. The good news is, as a result of this hearing, we’re going to get the scientific analysis back,” notes the scientist. The FBI science team told Dr. Lee. -Meng Yan put together as a result of these several hours of meetings, but I’m concerned that they classified him as a counter-intelligence threat rather than a whistleblower telling the truth. And the resulting deaths were otherwise avoided could go.”

I am deeply concerned that the FBI may have overlooked actionable intelligence about the origins of COVID-19 that could have saved American lives.

— Rep Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) 10 June 2021

Granthshala Contacted the FBI and Getz for further comment.

Getz himself is under FBI investigation over allegations of sex trafficking. The Justice Department is investigating claims that he had sex with an underage girl and paid to travel with her. The Florida congressman has not been charged and has denied all charges.

On May 26, President Joe Biden ordered US intelligence agencies to complete a 90-day review on “two possible scenarios” of the virus’s origin – either as COVID emerged from animal-to-human transmission, a hypothesis many scientists suspect. Or that COVID accidentally leaked from a Chinese lab.

in a statement to GranthshalaThe Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said it had not reached any conclusions on the origins of the virus and would continue to investigate information about both scenarios.

China has dismissed the US investigation into the COVID lab leak theory, calling it a “ridiculous” conspiracy theory.

An article published in the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, People’s Daily, said it was “ridiculous for America to repeatedly publicize the ‘lab leak’ plot.”