Matt Groening wore Homer Simpson’s mask for his old high school fundraiser


    Matt Groening

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    They are hoping to raise lots of D’oh!

    Matt Groening has taken a special photo of Homer Simpson wearing a mask to help his old Oregon High School’s annual fundraiser.

    The “The Simpsons” creator wore a 30-inch donation mask covered in his catchphrase by a 22 ins sketch of his most famous character, “DOH!”

    “Go, Lincoln High School!” Safe, secure! “He wrote in red, signing it,” Your Pal, Matt Groening, Class of 1972. “

    The Portland school listed the photo’s value as “priceless”, although the highest bid as of Tuesday was $ 1,500. Bidding ends on Friday.

    Lincoln Alum of the states included in the auction list brings Matt Groening Homer along for a wild epidemic ride in a new collector’s drawing that in a way captures the ‘COVID Bar’.

    “Whether or not you’re a fan of the Simpsons, this piece will likely play a role in the inevitable and great grooving and pandemic retrospective of the future.”


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