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Although he describes himself as “a man of the world,” he has Texan roots in the roots of actor Matthew McConaughey.

“I’ve traveled. I’ve filled out several passports. But I’m from Texas,” he told People.


A native of Uvalde, McConaughey now hails from Austin, Texas.

“There are some expectations that come with being a Texan when you are young,” he said. “And you also get results when you screw up, because people go, ‘That’s not your very Texan’.” It’s the kind of measuring stick for which you get appreciation and for what you are disciplined in Texas.”

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Matthew McConaughey won’t rule out running for office after ruling against Texas gubernatorial campaign

Among Texas residents, the Academy Award winner says people are encouraged to go out and explore other parts of the world, but to come back and share their newfound knowledge with the Lone Star State. is done.

“It doesn’t have to be a place that says, ‘No, you have to stay here, don’t go anywhere.’ It’s not an island state like that. Texans are like, ‘Go travel.’ I find that, myself, everywhere in the world I meet Texans, more than any other state. And part of that is the adventurous spirit to get out there, see. You wonder what somewhere What’s happening world? Fill out your passport, go and check it. Then come back home and tell us about it.”

While he has ventured all over the world, McConaughey credits him for contributing to his personal growth outside Texas.

Matthew McConaughey believes that Texas encourages people to go out into the world and discover other places, only to return home to the Lone Star State and share what they have learned.

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“I know how much my own life has done for my own health, mentally, spiritually and physically,” he shared.

“I remember when I moved to Longview, I built a really great tree house,” he recalled. “One night over the weekend, I would stay at the tree house and love it. I felt like I was all alone in the world, like I was hiding.”

At 52 years old, McConaughey has become involved with several communities across the state, eventually prompting the “Dallas Buyers Club” actor to consider a run for the office of governor.

After meeting with President Biden, Matthew McConaughey spoke passionately about gun control just weeks after the Uvalde school shooting.

After the school shooting in Uvalde, McConaughey believed in the need to speak up on gun control at the White House.

He gave a passionate speech on how much it affected his hometown community, “When we arrived a few hours later, I had to tell you, even from inside our vehicle, you can feel the shock in the city. You may feel pain, denial, disillusionment, anger, guilt, sadness, loss of life, dreams stopped.”