‘MBFFL’: Buddy Bell defends him on Instagram, explaining his reasoning with Whitney Thor

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    My Big Fat Great Life Stars Whitney Way Thor and Buddy Bell get into a heated argument in the “Big Fat Crawl” episode of Season 8. Some fans were angry at the way Thor talked to Bell during their fight, many of them speaking online about their feelings. Bell took to social media to defend Thor and addressed those fans directly.

    Buddy Bell and Whitney Way Thor | TLC

    Some ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ fans think Whitney Thor has misbehaved with Buddy Bell

    In the episode, Bell and Thor get involved in an argument. Both are very open about their depression. But when Thor asked Bell to “rise above it”, some fans were upset. Many fans upset Thoree’s actions, especially for her during her broken engagement after Bell.

    After the episode aired, fans took to Reddit to separate Thor and Bell’s argument. Some even called Thor a bad friend, the way he treated Bell. On 5 February, Bell took to social media to explain the situation.

    Buddy Bell explained his reasoning with Whitney from the show

    Bell asks Thore to share a video about him Instagram Accounting. In the video, he explains how harmless his argument was.

    “I usually don’t like coming here and talking about the show, but Jesus Christ you guys don’t be disappointed,” Bell began.

    I see a lot about Whitney being a bad friend and that sort of thing that happened – a little biscuit at breakfast on the show on Tuesday. It was not a big deal. I notice that someone has written an article about it – why? Have you ever attended a biscuit festival with a friend?

    She It was not asking me to tell that my stomach ache, my depression, should be overcome. I was giving him a sh * t for the use of the word ‘clearly’. I was being advertised * ck. And I knew I was going to ad * ck. And maybe with my depression, he was making me a little salty about the use of the word ‘clearly’, but I needed to overcome that.

    Buddy Bell defends Whitney Thor

    In his video, Bell also addressed fans who think Thor is a bad friend. “Whitney is a very supportive friend,” he explained. “She is fantastic. We both support each other. We are all men. Ashley, Tal, the rest of them – but we had just one moment. We had a moment. “

    Bell was surprised by fans who sometimes did not get into arguments with his friends.

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    “Relax – he’s not a bad person,” he continued. “She is one of my dearest friends. And one more thing – we finished it immediately. She Removed his shirt to stop filming. It didn’t happen, obviously. He backed away. But we moved to another room and it was over in a minute. ”

    Bell said that he and Thor agreed that the argument was “silly”, exchanged “I love you” and let it happen. He Urged fans to go about their lives and not worry about what is happening on the show.

    ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ may have lost some viewers

    Bell’s post concluded with him:

    Tune, come out with us – say what’s up. Enjoy it [My Big Fat Fabulous Life], I must be cheerful for you, but stay away from message boards. Go do something important.

    After Thorey posted the video, some fans were even more upset with the TLC star, writing that they were Show tuned in For good But regardless of what those fans think, Thor is urging them to realize their lives are more complex and nuanced and, most importantly, human beings.

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