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Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell on Monday called on his Democratic allies to essentially push Republicans aside when it comes to legislation, and said his party would not come to their aid by raising the debt limit.

“Since the Democrats decided to go it alone, they won’t get the help of Senate Republicans to raise the debt limit,” he said Monday on the Senate floor. “I’ve explained it clearly and for more than two months in a row. We haven’t divided the government. The Democrats don’t need our help. They have every tool to address the debt ceiling on their own. “


What is the loan limit?

McConnell’s comments escalated the face-off between the two parties and could mean the federal government is short of cash. wall street journal Told That McConnell is not alone and many Republicans say they “won’t supply any votes for an effort to raise the government’s borrowing limit in opposition to Democrats’ plan to move trillions of dollars in new spending through Congress.”

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Alarm bells on debt limits, Medicaid, food stamps at risk

One of the many issues opposed by Republicans is the push. Include a Path to Citizenship In a multi-billion dollar reconciliation package. Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham lashed out at Senate lawmaker Elizabeth McDonough on Sunday against Democrats who want to add immigration to the bill.

Graham took to Twitter to praise the decision, saying it “reinforced the Senate’s long-standing convention that major policy changes should be made collaboratively and not through a reconciliation process.”

Congress has until September 30 to pass legislation to postpone the government shutdown.

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday reportedly proposed a bill—to be voted on this week—that would provide temporary funding for the government until December and suspend debt limits until next year. will do it. USA Today informed of That both called Republicans irresponsible for not helping with debt limits for the budgets approved during the Trump administration.

Business Insider called the move by Pelosi and Schumer a “gut” for McConnell, who would need 10 Republican votes for it to avert the filibuster and clear the Senate.

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“[Democrats] We got votes to save us from lapses, let’s see what they do,” said Sen. Richard Shelby, ranking member on the Appropriations Committee, told the website.