McConnell says the ‘looney lies’ spread by Marjorie Taylor Green is a ‘cancer’ on the GOP

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    Senator Mitch McConnell said on Monday that the “hate lies and conspiracy theories” embraced by Representative Marjorie Taylor Green amounted to a “cancer” on the Republican Party, issuing that Freshman House from Georgia was a fierce rebuke for Republicans .

    In a statement given by Minority Leader Mr. McConnell of Kentucky to The Hill, Ms. Green was never named, but cited several espionage and false conspiracy theories that she condemned and warned that such The statements are harming the party.

    “Locony lies and conspiracy theories are cancerous for the Republican Party and our country,” Mr. McConnell said. “Someone suggested that perhaps no one hit the airplane at the Pentagon on 9/11, pre-staging the horrors of the school shootings, and that Clinton’s crashed JFK Jr. airplane is no longer in reality It has nothing to do with the challenges facing American families or the vigorous debate over substance that can strengthen our party. “

    Over the past week, House Republican leaders have been mostly silent as pressure to respond to Ms. Green’s problematic social media posts and cascades of videos surfaced in the past week, in which she described an endless end to conspiracy theories and violent views supported. Practices including executing Democratic leaders. At the same time, he was former President Donald J. Trump’s loyalists are calling for his election as a punishment for his vote for impeachment of Representative Liz Cheney, the No. 3 Republican, to Mr. Trump.

    In a separate statement reported by CNN, Mr. McConnell weighed in on behalf of Ms. Cheney, who represents Wyoming’s only congressional district, calling her “a leader with deep convictions and the courage to act on them.”

    Mr McConnell, whom Mr Trump is said to have committed indecent crimes, made it clear that he is open to voting to convict the former president for “inciting the rebellion”, though he Last week, Republicans voted with the vast majority. The case was dismissed as unconstitutional.

    Two of Mr. McConnell’s statements prompted a rare move by the most powerful Republicans in Washington to put themselves in an increasingly ugly intraparty feud.

    She has pressured minority leader California Representative Kevin McCarthy, who along with Ms. Green, along with some members of her own party, to call from outside Republican groups this weekend and cancel the actions of the Georgia Freshman Committee Are about to meet. Mr. McCarthy left an uneasy middle ground after Ms. Green over the weekend said she spoke with Mr. Trump and gained his support, essentially taking any action Republican leaders have against him as defying him by proxy Can be taken in

    Ms. Green offered her counterclaim on Twitter in response to Mr. McConnell, stating that the party’s “real cancer” was “a weak Republican who only knows how to lose gracefully.”

    The House Democrats indicated on Monday that they were ready to unilaterally remove Mr. Greenery from their committees if Mr. McCarthy does not act, taking a measure to remove the assignment to be considered by the House Rules Committee on Wednesday Will happen.

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