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McDonald’s announced that it will close its UK restaurant on Monday as a mark of respect to the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

“All of our UK restaurants will be closed until 5pm on Monday so everyone at McDonald’s can pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II,” the company said. wrote in tweet, The fast food giant has around 1,300 chains in the UK.


“Operating hours and services may vary after 5pm, so please check our app before you travel.” Company added.

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The prime minister’s official spokesman, Max Blaine, said on Wednesday that the day of the funeral would operate as a standard bank holiday. McDonald’s joined other businesses including Argos, Harrods, Holland & Barrett, Ikea and Lidl at the end of the day.

“Individual businesses will need to make decisions about what is right for them and discuss them with their employees, but there is clearly no one-size-fits-all approach,” Blaine said.

The fast food giant also confirmed that employees would not be financially harmed by the closure, adding that “all company-owned restaurant employees will be paid for their scheduled hours.”

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Mourners number in the thousands at Westminster Hall to pay tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II in London.