Vice President Kamala Harris has not held formal press talks since she assumed office, even though President Biden tapped her to lead diplomatic efforts to resolve the border crisis, but the mainstream media remained strangely silent and What he is not eager to hear is think about the issues.

While Biden faced criticism after waiting until his 64th day to hold a formal press briefing, Harris has received a pass for living on a massive border crisis.

“Traditional media has so far not shown interest in seeking transparency about the border crisis in general, and is apparently unwilling to challenge Harris, even though he has played a key role in addressing the situation. , “DePauw University professor and media critic Graf Macal told Granthshala News.

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The White House did not immediately respond when asked whether President Biden expected Harris to be informed of the border situation. Harris laughed awkwardly last week when asked if he planned to go over the border, drawing criticism given the seriousness of the situation.

Vice President Mike Pence regularly held briefings when he was put in charge of the Coronovirus Task Force, and liberal outlets such as CNN regularly complained if former President Trump went too long without speaking to the press.

Vice President Kamala Harris has not held formal press talks since she took office, even as President Biden tapped her to lead diplomatic efforts to resolve the border crisis.

Vice President Kamala Harris has not held formal press talks since she took office, even as President Biden tapped her to lead diplomatic efforts to resolve the border crisis.

While CNN finds time to report that Harris is disappointed Renovation of his residence is taking too long, It has not published anything for her to speak. However, CNN reported “Harris will not be in attendance” on Wednesday when the White House briefed members of the House of Representatives on the border crisis.

Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson feels that the time has come for Harris to question reporters about his plans.

“As the person in charge of the border crisis, Harris must answer questions about how the Biden / Harris administration has packed young migrant children into ‘cages’ and fences, not just causing humanitarian relief problems.” But also COPID supersreader locations, “Jacobson told Granthshala News.

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“But during the campaign, the mainstream liberal media allowed Biden and Harris to get away with hiding,” Jacobson continued. “The contrast with the mindset of the media attack during Trump’s years is dramatic.”

Perhaps Harris simply does not want to face difficult questions about the polarization situation, as POLITICO reported in the first week “Some of Harris’s people” think that the responsibility of overseeing the border crisis “may complicate its political future.”

Eugene Daniels of Politico wrote, “For allies, the enormity of the work is not taken into account, nor do they explain the risks and how they can handle it.”

Conservative strategist Chris Barron feels the media is soft on Harris now that he is in the post after being treated “more like a pop culture icon than a political candidate” during the 2020 campaign.

“Baron said,” Since taking office, Harris has taken a lot of photographs, but outside of it is not entirely clear what his role in administration really is and it is not visible to anyone in the media. News.

McCall believes the momentum between Biden and Harris has been seen to be many times more interesting and the boundary conditions are the latest wrinkle.

“It’s normal for the Vice President to stop a little in the background and steal the sitting president’s thunder. Harris Biden is present at many public events, but rarely does he have a clear role or comment,” McCall said.

“She It is now believed to manage various aspects of the border crisis, but it is still unclear what its duties and responsibilities are. Once Biden handed the border to Harris, it seems that he should be held accountable for telling him about his role and his plan to implement it.

Indeed, Harris’ role is poignant, but she hasn’t really offered an explanation, which would likely happen if she questioned the press. Last week, a senior aide to Harris told reporters that the vice president is “not doing it on the border” and that he would not deal with policy for the southern border instead of focusing on the root causes of illegal immigration from Central America.

There would still be a lot of questions if he had only been tasked with reviewing why waves of migrants seeking asylum from the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, after traveling from Mexico She has been

“This strategy of keeping Harris out of the line of fire is consistent with how the administration has managed to keep itself out of public scrutiny,” Macal said. “This stealthy approach will work fine as long as the media generally plays along, which it seems that the media is willing to do for the foreseeable future.”

Granthshala News’ Houston Keene and Caitlin McFall contributed to this report.