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One study showed that a man who had cement injected into damaged vertebrae in his spinal cord died about a week after his surgery, when the cement leaked into a four-inch piece of concrete. It hardened and entered his heart and lungs.

The 56-year-old man had surgery for kyphoplasty, a spinal procedure in which medical bone cement is injected into the vertebrae to relieve pain from a vertebral compression fracture, when he suffered severe pain in his right side five days later. Started experiencing chest pain. handjob According to the New England Journal of Medicine.


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Analysis of the man’s chest revealed a foreign object inside his heart, prompting emergency surgery.

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Doctors found a long, thin piece of hard concrete, about 4 inches long and 0.08 inches wide, that pierced his right atrium and right lung.

The patient’s atrium was repaired after the concrete was removed. Doctors said that he did not experience any other complications after the operation and a month after the incident, he was almost completely cured.