By day, he is known as Chef Bobby Ford. At night, he serves the community in a different way – as a Long Island police officer.

The New York native grew up with a desire to help people in his community. By 2016 he was able to work in two industries which gave him the ability to do so.

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(Bobby Ford working as a police officer in New York (Credit: Bobby Ford.))

Ford joined the Freeport Police Department on Long Island in 2005, after patrolling all five boroughs as officers of the New York Police Department for nearly a decade. 10 years later, he was ready to check another passion off his bucket list. He Bobby Q, a soul food and southern barbecue joint opened.

The result said, “My hero is”.

(Bobby Ford cooking in Bobby Q on Long Island (Bobby Ford).)

Filled with a coronovirus pandemic and widespread social unrest last year, he underscored his “true purpose in life, which helps bring people together and find common ground” even more, Ford told Granthshala News.

“By day I’m making Bobby the chef, making recipes, trying to get acquainted with the neighborhood, interacting with the public, getting to know my customers and establishing relationships,” he said said

Ford said he uses his food as a way to break down barriers and enable people “to keep their guard down and listen to each other while breaking bread,” he said.

However, as a police officer, he has become “more aware of the important role” he plays in his community.

“The community sees me as a role model on many levels: as someone who is their neighbor to protect them, and also as an entrepreneur from humble beginnings.”

Amidst the current volatile environment, Ford says it only takes a moment to change lives.

“I don’t think we have just that … a succession of moments to help others to see what philanthropy really means,” he said.