Megan The Stallion vs. Dabai: Who has the highest net worth?

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    Rapper Megan The Stallion and Daby have catapulted the music scene. Both have had varying success on songs like “Cash Sh * t” and their most recent drop, “Cry Baby”. Referred to Houston-born rapper Cancer MC as her “work husband”, but which rapper has the highest net worth.

    DaBaby and Megan The Stallion will attend the BET Hip Hop Awards 2019 on October 05, 2019 at Cobb Energy Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Johnny Nunez / Getty Images for BET

    Megan The Stallion and Daby are frequent collaborators and friends

    Not only has Megan and Daby worked together quite often, but the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper has also considered “amazing chemistry” with the “Roxstar” rapper. She Explained that he would also be open to doing a full collaborative album in the future.

    DaBaby explained that he would be down for a project with Megan. “She He talks like sh * t like I’m sh * t, and I’m a hot guy, ”he shared on Twitter. “Become a hot boy.” So yes, we’ll burn that b * tch, “clearly reiterating mutual respect for each other.”

    Although the pair have amazing chemistry on stage and in their music, their friendship never went into the romantic realm. However, the pair have a bond to lose their parents.

    In 2019, Megan suffered two major losses. Megan shared on Instagram, “This year, I lost my mom and my grandmother in the same month.” “While all these positive things are happening to me, and I’m trying to do well, trying to keep a smile on my face, stay strong, be happy for my other grandmother and me and the rest of my family I am, it is very difficult. “

    DaBaby also lost his father in 2019. “When it happened, I didn’t have time to grieve,” DaBaby told Billboard. “I was boarding the bus to start the tour, and the next day, I found out [he had passed]. So I went straight from showing up at the damn morgue to seeing him – not knowing what the f * ck happened because it wasn’t that he was sick as I knew it. “

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    DaBaby has total assets of $ 3 million

    DaBaby has been working in the entertainment industry for many years. He She had her first viral moment at SXSW in 2017 when she performed on stage wearing diapers.

    After a record deal with Roshan Nation in 2018, the rapper kept the pressure on, signing with Interscope Records the following year and releasing his critically acclaimed album, Cancer.

    According to Celebrity net worth, The rapper has total assets of $ 3 million.

    Megan The Stallion has total assets of $ 3 million

    Following in the footsteps of her late mother, Megan has wanted to rap for as long as she can remember. She Started in Houston, earned her prestigious stage name due to her height and shapely body.

    As she gained notoriety due to her impeccable flow and stunning look, Megan continued to work toward her bachelor’s degree at Texas Southern University. She The fame was coined after coining the phrase “Hot Girl Summer”.

    According to Celebrity net worth, Like her work husband, Megan is valued at $ 3 million.

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