Melania aide’s book could be linked to Ivanka WH bid, says ex-friend

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a former friend of Melania Trump He says his former aide’s tell-all book could be linked to a White House bid by Ivanka Trump.

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During her time in the Trump administration, Stephanie Grisham served as the first female chief of staff and press secretary, but also as the White House communications director and press secretary, the first to hold a briefing ever in modern American history. Wali became the only top administration spokesperson.

Stephanie Winston Volkoff, a fashion and entertainment executive and former senior adviser to Ms Trump, told CNN that the former First Lady Chief of Staff “wasn’t there to give Melania a pat. Stephanie was there as an Ivanka loyalist… Stephanie Grisham debuted in the West Wing”.


“I have a hunch … this could be Ivanka’s next step in her bid for the White House,” Ms Volkoff said. “Stephanie Grisham has done a little dirty work on Melania.

“I don’t really put anything behind them,” she said.

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In an upcoming book, Ms Grisham writes that she never believed the 2020 election was stolen – a baseless conspiracy theory promoted by former President Donald Trump. He claims he tried to persuade Ms Trump to accept President Joe Biden’s victory.

but revealed by text message politician Go against Ms. Grisham’s narrative.

On November 5, after Arizona Attorney General Mark Branovich denied claims from Trump supporters that voters who used Sharpies had unreasonably disqualified their ballots, Ms Grisham posted Mr Branovich’s tweet to the president. Sent to aide and reportedly wrote: “Told you. Useless.”

The next week, when Mr Branovich told Fox News there was “no evidence” of fraud that would change Arizona’s election results, Grisham apparently wrote to the same aide: “Such a**.”

Mr Biden won the state of Arizona by a modest margin – the first time a Democrat presidential candidate had won the state since Bill Clinton in 1996.

“Unless she has a conscience, I don’t think there’s really going to be anything new in the book that we don’t already know,” Ms Volkoff told CNN.

“As long as you go with what you want, and do, you’re part of the Trump team. And that’s exactly what Stephanie did. It’s too late,” she said.

She said Trump “turns on people who not only support him, but want the best for him”.

“So many people have been prosecuted by him because he told the truth,” he said. “If you’re going to support Trump, that means you’re going to say what they want to say to you, otherwise you’re no longer part of their team.

“I think a lot of people are listening to what they say, but not what they are doing. And their loyalty only goes one way, and it only goes their way,” said the former advisor .

“You can be reassured, you can feel embraced by them. I mean, [Mr Trump is] Pretty reassuring to millions, obviously. And I myself fell for Melania’s friendship, ”said Ms. Volkoff CNN.

“I think there’s a narrative that people follow, people want to hear, people want to see… it takes, keeps following them,” he added.


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