Melania launches range of $45 Christmas ornaments engraved with her signature

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Melania Trump may not have always loved the festive season while in the White House, but that hasn’t stopped her from launching a line of $45 Christmas ornaments engraved with her signature.

The former first lady says she is “full of hope” and “inspired by American experience and sentiment” as she launched the line, which also features related non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“Christmas is a wonderful time of year, celebrated with our families and loved ones,” she told Fox News Digital. “This holiday will be a season full of hope and inspiration.”

There are six brass ornaments and associated NFTs, and they will range in price from $35 to $45.

A portion of the proceeds will go towards the “Promoting the Future” initiative which provides scholarships and opportunities to children in foster care.

However, Ms. Trump hasn’t always been so keen on Christmas.

she was Secretly recorded in 2018 Stephanie Winston Volkoff, her former friend and senior adviser, complained of being criticized on the southern border over her husband’s family separation policy, while also expected to decorate the White House.

“They say I’m complicit. I’m just like them, I support them. I don’t say enough that I don’t do enough where I am,” she said on tape.

“I’m working…my a** off on Christmas stuff, you know, who gives what about Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

And she continued: “Okay, and then I do it and I say I’m working on Christmas and planning for Christmas and they said, ‘Oh, what about the kids that they’re different? they were finished?” Give me a ****** break. Where was he saying anything when Obama did this? I can’t go, I was trying to introduce the baby to the mother. I didn’t have the chance – needed to go through the process and the law.”

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