Melissa Gilbert said that she was sexually assaulted by famous director Oliver Stone

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    Melissa Gilbert is known for her role little House on the PrairieHowever, she tried for a more adult film. She Played a role in the role of oliver stone The gateA film about the band of the same name. She Stone sexually assaulted her during her audition – although she said otherwise.

    Melissa Gilbert | Daniel Zuchan / WireImage

    Melissa Gilbert talks to Andy Cohen

    Gilbert talks to Andy Cohen – SeriousXM Andy cohen live – During which he stated that he had been sexually assaulted by Oliver Stone. She The said incident happened during an audition for the 1991 film, The gate. Gilbert was trying for the part of Pamela Curtson and Stone “an extra sex scene.” According to Gilbert, Stone’s motivation for persecution was changed. She Stone believes that Stone was responding to her embarrassment in the previous situation.

    Gilbert told Cohen, “There were moments where there were men in more powerful positions, especially one, who insulted me at one point in an audition, and unnecessarily, because I embarrassed them in a social position. He Returned to me, and I walked out of the room crying. “Gilbert said she was afraid to name the person. She Said, “I’m really afraid to sit here and tell you the story that I’m worried about the backlash by saying his name.”

    The gate The trailer

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    Gilbert said that Stone told him that he had a scene that he wanted him to “see the chemistry” between him and another actor. Gilbert told Cohen, “The whole scene was just of my character on his hands and knees, saying,” Do me, baby. ‘Really dirty, terrible … Then he said,’ I would like you to stage it for me. ‘ She Said she is crying that dropped out of the audition at that point. She It is claimed that Stone did this to her because “… I said something and embarrassed her publicly.”

    Oliver Stone reacts to Melissa Gilbert

    time limit Reports Stone responded to statements made by Gilbert. He He said, “We auditioned dozens of actors for roles The gate And it was made clear from the beginning that our film was going to be a hoarse, no rock-to-rock n roll film … anyone was asked to audition that the scenes would be rehearsed and one The script will be performed, with my casting director, Risa Bramon Garcia, present during the process to ensure a safe environment for all actors who audition. “The casting director endorsed Stone’s version of events, saying,” No actor was forced or expected to do something that could be uncomfortable, and most actors embraced the challenge, Oliver Stone’s Recognized the vision and the creative process. “

    Melissa Gilbert talks to Andy Cohen

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    Did Oliver Stone’s ‘The Doors’ resonate with the public?

    Clearly, there was a conflicting version of the events that occurred at the time The gate Audition. Did the film resonate with the public after the controversy? According to Box office mojoThe film grossed $ 34 million. The gate Was not a very big hit and was certainly a disturbing production.

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