Merrick Garland stars in Joe Biden’s ‘The Godfather Part IV’

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With “The Godfather” serving as a leadership handbook for many politicians, Joe Biden may be thinking of a particular scene during his 9/11 speech at the Pentagon. The president solemnly declares that “national unity” is the “biggest lesson” of that dreadful day, even as his Justice Department issues summons to scores of Donald Trump supporters.

The contrast between the president’s call for unity and the FBI’s partisan put forth is a bloodless version of the baptismal murder scene in “The Godfather”, where Michael Corleone attends his son’s christening while his goons assassinate the heads of rival families. We do.

So far, the FBI hasn’t fired a shot at Trump World, but the sweeping, aggressive subpoena action, which also involved the cellphones of two aides, also led The New York Times to call it a “substantial escalation” of the government. war against former president

As a result, the raid at Mar-a-Lago looks like the beginning of something far broader and dangerous than a narrow once confined to official documents.

The developing pattern suggests Biden is committed to helping Democrats in the midterm by giving the party a pound of meat to Trump haters, while the majority of the opposition has been silenced. Attorney General Merrick Garland appears increasingly comfortable as the administration’s enforcer, ready to use his power to serve his boss.

The DOJ also called for the seizure of two cell phones.
Garland’s DOJ issues 40 new subpoenas for Trump aides.

The hypocrisy is astonishing. Dems accused Trump of trying to weaponize justice as president, but didn’t really mind doing so.

Rather than trying to parse his transfer explanation, it’s better to remember what the late John Mitchell once said about the Nixon administration: “Look what we do, not what we say.”

Biden’s dark turn was indicated in his “MAGA, MAGA, MAGA” speech in Philadelphia.

However, it was widely panned, including by many Dems, and Biden tried to walk it back the next day, widely labeling Trump supporters as a “threat to democracy”. Takes.

That involvement seems to be exhausting, with the usual legacy media outlets getting leaks from anonymous sources who are said to be “familiar with the matter” or “knowledge” of the situation.

Translation: Justice Department aides are not afraid they will be prosecuted for leaking grand-juries and other alleged confidential information. They know they are on a politically protected team.

According to the Times, ABC News, and others, Garland has expanded her January 6 investigation to cover everything from Trump’s plan to replace a new slate of voters in the states he is working on a political action committee. , fighting for the money they were raising through Save America. ,

The latest subpoenas come as dozens of other former Trump aides were previously sought to provide information on a range of topics, including planning a January 6 rally. Separately, state lawmakers and GOP party officials were also reportedly summoned earlier in the summer.

The topics covered have now expanded to Trump's fundraising after the election.
The scope of the Capital Riot investigation continues to expand.

At least four phones have been seized, three of which belong to Trump’s lawyers John Eastman, Jeffrey Clark and Boris Epshtein. The Times says those who received the summons include former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerrick.

With new fronts in the attack it seems inevitable that Trump will make presidential history again with criminal charges, perhaps several. It also seems that such allegations may come before the election.

Justice generally follows self-imposed guidelines that require prosecutors to abstain from politically sensitive cases within 60 days of an election. But as with most things related to Trump, standards and rules are being trampled on under the justification that he broke political norms.

Such hypocrisy would have been laughable if the stakes weren’t that high. The attack on Trump is so out of proportion that you don’t have to agree with him that the election was stolen to suspect he was being targeted for political reasons more than criminal reasons.

American confidence in the FBI has waned since the Mar-a-Lago raid.
Both the FBI and the DOJ are simultaneously investigating Trump and his associates.
AFP via Getty Images

Moreover, the statements and attempts to criminalize peaceful attempts to contest the 2020 election, made by those close to him as well as supporters at the state level, smacks of a banana republic.

Of course, this madness has an ulterior motive. For Dems in general, the focus on Trump and what they call a “rebel” equates to a massive scandal of diversion.

They shout furiously and endlessly about threats to extremism and democracy to produce their policies in an effort to distract voters from focusing on sky-high inflation, rising crime and the nightmares of open borders . If voters focus on those failures, many Dems will be unemployed in January.

The stakes are even higher for Biden. The Republican-led Congress would mean that Big Guy aggressively investigates the role of his son Hunter and brother Jim Biden in the reach-pedaling plans.

We already know that hundreds of millions of dollars flowed through Hunter’s accounts from China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and elsewhere, and that one of Hunter’s partners transferred money between Joe’s account and Hunter’s. As Post reporter John Levine points out, emails on Hunter’s infamous laptop show he often paid for his father’s household expenses while Joe Biden was vice president.

In a 2010 email, Hunter’s business partner Eric Schwerin listed home maintenance costs under the heading “JRB bills.” He paid “$1,239 to repair an air conditioner at mom-mom’s hut”, “$1,475 to a painter for the back wall and columns in the lake house”, $1,239 to fix the “stone retaining wall at the lake” 2,600 and $475 “for” included. Shutter.”

There is also a 2019 message from Hunter for his daughter Naomi, where he writes:
“I hope you all can do what I’ve done and pay for everything I’ve done for this whole family for 30 years. It’s really harsh. But don’t worry, unlike Pop, I’ll give you mine.” I will not give half salary.”
Pop, aka The Big Guy, aka the President of the United States, somehow became a wealthy man, but even he can’t afford to face the GOP Congress.

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