Mexico’s President tests negative after COVID illness

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    Lopez Obredor, who had refused to wear a mask for months, said she suffered from mild symptoms.

    Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obredor has announced that he has tested negative for COVID-19, about two weeks after being diagnosed with the virus.

    Lopez Obredor, who had refused to wear a mask for months or skip his cross-country tour, said he had mild symptoms.

    In a video on social media on Thursday, the 67-year-old president said, “I took the antigen test this morning and it came back negative.”

    Lopez Obredor conducted further testing, but the results were not yet available, officials told a news conference.

    He said, ‘Of course I still have to wait a few more days, but I am already in good health. I am recovering well from COVID, ”the president said.

    He Also thanked Mexicans and foreigners for the support.

    “I will not stop thanking all of you, the Mexicans and the foreigners, who are concerned about my health, who wanted me to move on, those who prayed, who gave me blessings, best wishes … very much. Thank you, heartfelt thanks to all, ”added Lopez Obredor.

    The leftist leader, who had experienced brief episodes of low-grade fever and slight headaches, announced his illness on 24 January.

    Earlier on Thursday, Mexico’s Assistant Health Secretary Hugo López Gatel said López Obredor was working from isolation, mainly on the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

    This week, health officials began national registration for elderly people to receive the vaccine, but supplies have proved to be low.

    Mexico is scrambling to increase shipments of Pfizer and Russian Sputnik vaccines, but no new doses are expected by mid-February.

    For the third straight day, millions of Mexicans who tried to register for vaccines after arrival met with a non-functional website.

    According to Lopez Gatel, half a million people have successfully signed up.

    Mexico has officially recorded about 1.9 million coronovirus cases and more than 161,200 deaths, one of the world’s highest death tolls.


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