Since the winners never fail to remind the losers, the election results. But there is hardly a day where the results turn out to be more of a wall-like Friday, where the irrationality of Joe Biden’s policies is fully reflected.

From the border with Mexico, where the new administration began opening doors to at least 25,000 migrants seeking asylum for the Midland tinderbox, where it wrongly resumed the Iran nuclear deal Moved to, the new president was cured of a desire to return. Watch on 2016.

It is as if Biden is seized by a passionate longing to try to make the world as if the Obama-Biden administration had left office. Unfortunately, “The Way We Were” is a good song, but not much for the future.

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Nevertheless, if peace was made at home and prosperity abroad in those years, then it would be appropriate to try to take back the past. In fact, the inherited world Donald Trump was beset with trouble and America’s economy was growing at a snail’s pace.

Despite the leftists seeking to erase the revisionist efforts by the media and the achievements achieved by the president, Trump had major policy breakthroughs that benefited all Americans. This is particularly unnecessary, nevertheless, Biden is choosing to reverse the policies that generate those benefits.

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Trump Derangement Syndrome motivates people to act strange, but Biden’s attempt to quash Trump’s biggest win is the strangest.

Migrant entry through a cross-border into San Diego came after Biden revoked his earlier policy Asylum seekers wait in Mexico. The “Stay in Mexico” program was an effective solution to the endless stream of Central Americans’ caravan that moved north to escape violence and find work in a booming US.

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The Obama-Biden policy was to accept asylum applicants and turn them into pending hearings. Naturally, many never showed up because they knew that they could not qualify as refugees from persecution. But their ability to live here illegally serves as an incentive for others to follow.

Instead of building on a program that reduced mass exodus, Biden returned to the broken system Trump had set. Biden also promised not to make another leg of the border wall and stop almost all deportations for 100 days.

In which world does anyone understand, especially in an epidemic?

Something similar happened on Friday at the G-7 security conference, where Biden abandoned Trump’s first policy of the US and embraced the “Kumbhaya” notion that everyone would when we outsourced their interests to global interests. Is better

“America is back, the transatlantic alliance is back, and we don’t look backward,” Biden said. He Declared that partnership with Europe “is the cornerstone of all that we hope to accomplish in the 21st century.”

Why would Biden trust the unfaithful Iranians and trust the enormous progress Trump has made?

Although he did not mention Trump, Biden went out of his way to distort recent history. He said, “I know that our transatlantic relations have come under strain and tested over the years, but the US has consulted with you, to regain our trust and leadership position, in Europe.” Determined to get back together again. “

In truth, America’s major battles with Europe, especially Germany, failed to meet their commitment to spend at least 2% of their GDP to protect NATO members. For years, the same complaints were made and ignored by American presidents, including Barack Obama.

Of course Trump cannot be ignored. He Loudly questioned the value of the alliance and raided against the fact that the US was paying far more than a fair share for common defense. He It was also not reported that NATO spent more than $ 1.4 billion for a new Brussels headquarters.

Bingo, he was successful. Most deadbates increased their defense spending, amounting to more than $ 100 billion a year, while the Americans agreed to a reduction in contributions. They remain unhappy but why should Biden care?

And why is he so generous with American taxpayers’ money?

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His plan to reintroduce the Iran nuclear deal that Trump has scattered is probably the best idea of ​​all due to the shock waves sending around the Middle East. The deal also did not address, let alone prevent, Iran’s military aggression and tendency to terror, which was accepted by the Obama-Biden administration. It is also believed that some of the Arabs Washington included financed terror.

Also remember that the lack of trust in the deal prompted Saudi Arabia and others to get their own nax. More recently, more evidence confirmed that Iran had a nuclear-weapons program despite frequent denials.

After Trump withdrew from the agreement, the sanctions were withdrawn and toppled Iran’s terrorist leader Qasam Soleimani, a strange thing happened. As Democrats, including Biden, ran around like chicken littles warning of new wars, four Muslim countries signed historic peace and diplomatic agreements with Israel, part of which is against joint security – Iran .

So again the question arises: Why would Biden trust the unreliable Iranians and believe in the enormous progress Trump has made? Does he hate Trump more than he loves peace?

Before you answer, remember what former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said about Biden: “I think he has been wrong on almost every major foreign policy and national-security issue in the last four decades.”

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Finally, Friday was the day the US formally reissued the Paris Climate Agreement, which Trump abandoned.

Soon the White House will pursue more employment-intensive restrictions on industry and consumer emissions, while all China and India will continue their growth.

But fear not, the fearless John Carey is on the case. Private Jet Warrior used this opportunity to resume the countdown of the catastrophe to eliminate greenhouse gases.

“Well, scientists told us three years ago that we had 12 years to prevent the worst consequences of the climate crisis.” “We’ve had three years now, so we have nine years left.”

To underline that this time is different, Carey insisted, “There is no place for BS anymore. There is no stopping it.”

Strange that he should keep it that way. Biden’s policies do not mean much to him if you abolish fekery and BS.

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