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Maxwell Caulfield may be a cult legend thanks to his role on “Empire Records,” but his throngs of fans on social media came after fighting heartbreak early in his career.

61-year-old actor remembered page six What it was like to be set up for stardom at a young age when he was cast in the lead role in the sequel to “Grease”—only to sink into oblivion temporarily when the film tanked.


“It was quite a kick in the pants, psychologically,” he said.

He said that the bitter taste of watching 1982’s “Grease 2” fail was made worse by watching his co-star, a little-known actress named Michelle Pfeiffer, rise to stardom, he said. .

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“And of course, Michelle woke up like a phoenix, right? ‘Scarface’ did, and so that also, frankly, made it a little harder to swallow,” he recalled.

“But you know, listen, every actor has his or her own path. She’s been to many Oscar nominations and the rest… she delivers and she defines Hollywood beauty… you her success Can’t congratulate for that. But as I said, also, it makes it so hard to see that you’ve been benched. And had to wait a long time to get back.”

Caulfield says that “I really couldn’t get arrested for about a year” but slowly began to rebuild his career through TV movies, a role on the “Dynasty” spinoff, “The Coulbies”, which Lasted from 1986 to 1987.

Eventually, he would find a measure of the success he was seeking with his role as aging music idol Rex Manning in 1995’s “Empire Records.”

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The film has become such a cult hit that every 8th April An Unofficial Rex Manning Day Twitter is seen by hordes of fans.

The celebration of the film causes Caulfield an equal amount of awe and awe.

Maxwell Caulfield in a promotional picture for the film Grease 2, 1982.

“It gets mental,” he said. “I really have to put in like a statement because I can’t possibly respond to the kind of floodgates that open up. My Twitter account is normally dormant and then all of a sudden it gets bonkers. And I talk about everything to everyone. So what I do is that I do something that is meant to please the public.”

Recently, the actor shot an episode of Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” and is hoping that the prolific producer “will be ready to tell the story of Jeffrey Epstein (and) he to me (Prince Andrew)”. admits.”

He says he met the now infamous royal at a reception in Los Angeles and explains that prior to the incident he had seen Prince on local news visiting the Warner Bros. film studio and “that’s what royals do, you know. , kind of watching and asking questions and smiling and pointing.”

When they met, Caulfield admitted that he might have been “a little crazy” by commenting to Andrew: “You did an amazing job of showing interest in Warner Bros. They said, ‘We don’t.’ And that was the end of my conversation with him.”