Michigan Gov. Gechen Whitmer on Friday called for school sports to be halted for two weeks to help prevent the spread of coronovirus.

But the Governor’s request was not an order – so the head of the state’s High School Sports Association says the games will be scheduled until the local district chooses.

“We’re going to play two days of basketball and not really making any changes for spring,” Michigan High School Athletic Association executive director Mark Uil quoted the Detroit Free Press as saying.

“We followed orders – every order – going back until July,” Uil continued. “We’ve played whenever the orders have given us permission to play. So, obviously, local schools will have a decision to make, this could happen on a league-wide basis. But last night once we get to basketball Get through, then everything is out. “

AMID Michigan Coronary Case Case Spike, In-Person School Classes

In an interview with Balli Sports Detroit, Uil said that students attending the spring games have to undergo a coronovirus test once per week to be eligible to play, provided they test negative.

All spring games are out in Michigan. They are baseball and softball, track and field, golf and tennis, Free Press reported.

The combination of outdoor competition and regular testing of athletes assures the sports association that continued sport is a low-risk decision, Uil told the newspaper.

“Of course, districts have to decide on their local conditions and circumstances,” he said, but added that the guidance we are giving to our schools as we speak and that is where we will come on Monday .

At his news conference Friday in Lansing, the state capital, Whitmer urged schools to hold remote classrooms for only two weeks, temporarily stop high school sports and practices, and avoid food and indoor ceremonies because Coronavirus is related to the resurgence in the spread of Michigan.

The governor said, “We all have to step up our game for the next two weeks to mitigate the growing cases.”

In the past week, 58 outbreaks of the virus have been detected in Michigan restaurants, with the state’s chief medical executive, Dr. According to Jong Khaldun, Detroit’s FOX 2 reported.

“If we can stop some of these activities temporarily, it will go a long way to stop the spread and save lives,” Khalid said.

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Michigan is the national leader in the number of COVID-19 cases by population despite increasing vaccination.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of Friday afternoon, 2,218 new cases were reported in Michigan and an average of 233 cases and 128 deaths per 23,000 cases over the past week. The data.

The New York Times’ list of the top 10 cities where it is raging worst Nine Michigan cities were involved by Friday afternoon.

Granthshala News’ Audrey Conklin contributed to this report.