Microsoft becomes first major tech firm to give in to Right to Repair movement

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Microsoft has said it will take steps to feature a ‘right to repair’ that will allow consumers to fix their devices.

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The software giant and investor advocacy nonprofit As You So reached a settlement when the group filed an agitation in June asking Microsoft to assess the “environmental and social benefits” of user device repairs. was asked to.

The company has now said it will study how to increase access to parts and information needed for repairs and work on the findings by the end of 2022.


“We’ve seen shareholder resolutions become an important tool for climate activists,” Kerry Sheehan, US policy director for repair guide site iFixit, told Grist.who reported.

“We’re seeing this also being adopted in the context of repair because they are so interconnected.”

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As Yu Soo filed its shareholder resolution in June, but withdrew in exchange for Microsoft agreeing to hire an independent consultant to study the benefits of repair rights, carbon emissions and waste.

“Microsoft got back on the line with various legal advisors and representatives and said, ‘We’re really changing our tune on this issue, we think this study is a great idea, let’s work together to make this change. ,” Kelly McBee, the waste program coordinator at As You Sow, called the change a “night and day” change compared to her previous attitude – which McBee claims was a “very opposing view of repair.”

In a statement to Grist, Microsoft said: “We believe that customers are entitled to safe and reliable repair options. We currently provide customers with repair services that ensure high quality of repairs, customer privacy and security.” Protect safety, and protect customers from injury.

“As Yu Sou asked us to examine the relationship between our stability commitments and the repairability of the device. It was a productive discussion, and we have agreed to conduct that pivotal study, the results of which will be used in our Will be used to guide plans for product design and expansion of device repair options for our customers.

Rights to repair movements have gained momentum in Europe and the United States. Companies selling consumer electronics such as refrigerators, washers, hairdryers or TVs in the EU must ensure that those items can be repaired for up to 10 years; A similar law was passed in Britain.

In July 2021, the Right to Repair Law was unanimously endorsed by the FTC, with President Leena Khan stating that restrictions on the law “could significantly increase costs for consumers, stifling innovation, independent repair shops”. may close the business opportunity for, create unnecessary electronic waste, delay timely repairs and undermine resilience”.

Other companies, such as Apple, have taken a mixed stand against the law. It has been argued that allowing people to open and fix their own devices would pose a danger as well as hinder their own design.

In Email published in June 2020Lori Lodds, former director of corporate communications, said Apple was “actively fighting the right to repair…” option in 20 states that was supporting the right to repair option.

Apple also fought against the right to repair laws in Nevada, Bloomberg told, and trade groups used to push talking points that would have gifted hackers with digital keys to “thousands of Internet-connected products” to repair.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment Granthshala those days.


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