“More than a year after Coronavirus arrived in the United States, Americans are beginning to understand the importance of balance,” Mike Rowe told “The Story” on Friday.

“Several months ago, the New York government. Andrew Quomo said no measure, how dangerous, if it was saved, could be considered unintelligent, but the” Six Degrees with Mike Rowe “host told Martha McClum. “I got very angry when I said, because I said, ‘This is a safety-first approach, and to be honest, we are not a safety-first society.

“Now we’re starting to see the price of security is disastrous,” Rowe said. “What’s happening right now in the energy industry is really the thing that I think we should be focused on, because I think, and a lot of people think that I talk on a day to day basis , Like a concerted effort to wage a kind of war against energy. This is not a war we can win, especially in relation to fossil fuels and all the jobs wrapped up in that industry. I mean the apologist Doesn’t sound like. But I don’t know any bigger investor in alternative energy than the fossil fuel industry. ”

MacCallum brought back the discussion on the issue of security, saying, “We are a country that was built on risk taking. We want to take intelligent risks, we don’t want to be reckless, but the element of being strong. Through Fighting is something that I think is such an American value.

“Risk is just a four-letter word that matters,” Rowe agreed. “It affects and informs every decision we take, from driving a car to walking around without a mask or wearing a mask or two masks.”

“We’re starting to see,” Rowe concludes, “if you upvote the business of living at the very, very top of all things, the only thing you’ll ever do is survive. You’ll never go anywhere. You will not try to do anything or create anything. “