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“The Five” contrasted the apparent difference in tone that would come from partisan defenders of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley if he had allegedly acted outside the chain of command of President Biden or another Democrat.

Many of Mille’s defenders have claimed that President Trump is an irresponsible person and therefore Milley – if the allegations of a phone call with a Chinese general in the book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa are true – acted out of his capacity. But still responsibly promised to warn the Chinese. Communist Party forces of any imminent attack.


Host Greg Gutfeld described such a practice as “cognitive dissonance” and said that if Milley’s action had taken place under President Biden, those who are now defending him would be doing the exact opposite. .

“I enjoy cognitive dissonance and people who can easily reverse it. Let’s just say General Joe Biden’s back is going around because he believes the mental decline has become so severe that we Something needs to be done,” Gutfeld said.

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“Those who defend Milley will condemn Milley. You have to step back and make a kind of comparison: We impeached for less.”

Gutfeld noted that there have already been instances of at least one phone call from Biden to a world leader that have come under scrutiny.

“We have calls instructing the Afghan president to lie, I’m sure there were nuances. Millet to China. Do we know it was from our country? Or was it from someone else .?” He asked, citing Biden’s call with former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani – who had fled Kabul after the Taliban captured Kabul amid a US withdrawal.

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Host Jesse Watters said neither were “the right phone calls”, as Gutfeld said he sees Miley as a symptom of the “emotional spasm” that Trump caused the American elite and the founding of the Beltway.

“It was about getting rid of the ‘most dangerous president in world history’—the one who took the threat of North Korea off the table, ushered in peace in the Middle East, helped launch Operation Warp Speed—and didn’t take a paycheck.” – and yet adults like Mille have deceived themselves into thinking this man will invade China,” Gutfeld said.