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When General Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made his two controversial phone calls to General Li Xuocheng of the Communist Party of China, it made the CCP more “aggressive” towards the United States, because up to that point, they had Didn’t believe for the time being. According to author and China expert Gordon Chang, President Donald Trump was also considering a nuclear attack on Beijing.

Chang told “Life, Liberty and Levin” on Sunday that General Li and President Xi Jinping probably interpreted Milley’s allegedly unrestricted communications to imply that the United States was “in total disarray and terminal decline” – if Top US military officials were calling him for such a reason.


“[T]The hat would have made the Chinese – and I think it would make them more aggressive, more belligerent because they think America won’t be able to resist them,” Chang told host Mark Levine.

“I know some people actually say that General Li Zuocheng – when he heard this, actually thought Mille was threatening to attack China – we don’t know how the Chinese reacted. But whatever Were the case, I’m sure it didn’t work to the advantage of the United States because it either made the Chinese more aggressive.

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Chang said Trump had built up a reputation as “the least war-loving president in decades” – with his deterrence to otherwise hostile regimes like Kim Jong Un in North Korea.

In that regard, China saw the Palm Beach Republican as giving “no objective signal” that it would launch an attack on China.

“There was no unusual movement of the Chinese military. There was no civilian preparation. And most of all, Mark, there was nothing in the Chinese propaganda to indicate that they thought there was a war [imminent with] United States,” said Chang

“So when General Lee heard that from General Mille, I sure usually thought ‘What the hell is going on?’ And they probably thought that Mark Milley was working on intelligence that America had, which is what Milley said before the Senate. [this week]”

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If anything, the Communist Party of China could have inferred that there was an American spy somewhere in China who would have given Milley such an idea, Chang said.

Levine later said that Milley’s decision to call was truly unprecedented, remarking that Ronald Reagan had in those years the presidents of the Joint Chiefs, Generals Jack Vesey and Adam. Would never have asked William Crowe to call the Soviet Union without speaking to the President first. .

“I think what General Milley did was an absolute disgrace, and there’s absolutely no justification for any of it because there was no indication that President Trump was ready to go to war with anyone,” Levine said. , who previously served in the Reagan administration. Attorney General Edwin Meese III as Chief of Staff.