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According to retired US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor, Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley’s alleged rogue phone call with his People’s Liberation Army counterpart is not surprising, as the military continues to be politicized by civilians charged with overseeing it.

McGregor told Granthshala Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today” While civilian control of the United States military is sound policy and tradition, over time those civilians in charge of the military have sought commanders and officers whose politics aligns with theirs.


host Tucker Carlson The alleged Milley’s phone call with General Li Zuocheng is “clearly a crime” but even more “suggests a total lack of military civilian leadership in a culture that most of us do not understand.”

McGregor replied that he was not surprised by the revelation—made by Washington Post journalists Robert Costa and Robert Woodward—in their new book.

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“Unfortunately, civilian oversight and civilian control of the military has become an abuse of the military over time. What the civilian leadership has tried to do over many decades is essentially placing officers in senior positions that are politically unfriendly to them. The people who share their views, whatever they were, and now it’s back to haunt us dramatically,” he said.

Listening to the time before the presidency of the Joint Chiefs existed, McGregor pointed to General George Marshall’s final choice of President Franklin Roosevelt – remembered especially for his ‘martial plan’ – and how offensive The radically partisan Democrats lamented the fact that many top-tier military officials were Republicans—or at least opposed their left-wing New Deal-ism.

McGregor explained that Marshall identified himself as an officer whose politics would be irrelevant to his role and duty if he was chosen to chair the President’s Council as US Army Chief.

“So Roosevelt preferred not to trust Marshall and not to sleep Marshall well out of town. He embodied a professionalism in the sense of being fundamentally apolitical. And you never got to see Marshall by F.D.R. Not used as political recourse.”

From there, such situations became rarer and rarer, the colonel claimed, alluding to President Kennedy choosing General Maxwell Taylor as joint major president—of which Maxwell became ambassador to Vietnam as “the disaster unfolded”.[ed]”– in the terms of Col.

I think what we’ve done in the last 20 [to 30 years], a similar incident, where after Desert Storm– I remember Desert Storm as one of these things people didn’t appreciate how dramatically the war had changed – they also appreciated the quality of that force Not what had emerged, and so they were surprised that everything was going so well.”

“And the generals were quick to move on and take credit for something they had nothing to do with, but that’s what they did.”

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McGregor, who described earlier in the episode how his Quaker upbringing in Philadelphia’s Germantown led to his decision to enlist in the military, said he was essentially from Bosnia, service members who served as commanders and officers. Wanted to advance as officers, they would have to align themselves politically. Administration in power to achieve its goals.

“In other words, this interventionism became something you had to deal with yourself. You had to co-feel with the leadership. Okay, okay, we’ve got to get those bad Serbs. We’ve got to get these bad guys in. Have to bring to Somalia,” he said.

“And then, it made me very unpopular, because I advocated the elimination of these big tough World War II divisions of 15,000 to 20,000 men that you just can’t wield and designed for such a form of warfare.” which has long since disappeared. Unfortunately, since then the army has not only refused to change, it is going backwards. It is becoming like the army of 1942.”

“So if you look at the way the army is structured to fight on Poland’s border with Russia or White Russia or Ukraine, you’re looking at something that’s indistinguishable from the front that we had in the Ardennes in 1944 ,” McGregor concluded.

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