Millions flock to prank NFT site

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A website mocking the non-fungible token (NFT) trend has attracted millions of visitors since its launch less than a week ago.

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NFT Bay is a 17.96-terabyte repository of NFT images and files that are free to download, based on the well-known file-sharing site The Pirate Bay. Its creator says the idea is to highlight the absurdity of the NFT craze.

NFTs are unique digital certificates that record the ownership of a digital asset on an online ledger known as a blockchain. They can be anything from a piece of art to a meme of a cat, some of which sell for tens of millions of dollars through online marketplaces like OpenSea.


NFT advocates have dismissed the NFT Bay site as having a “right-clicker mentality”, referring to the ability to right-click an image online and choose the ‘save’ option for owning a copy of it. Do it. This, to them, is not the same as having control over a string of numbers hosted on the blockchain that proves you “own” a JPEG.

Geoffrey Huntley, the creator of NFT Bay, who lives in a van in Australia, described the site as an art project.

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“It was caking non-stop along with lack of sleep to start the project,” he wrote on his own. Github,

“Basically, I hope through NFT Bay that people will learn to understand what people are buying right now when they buy NFT art, it is nothing more than instructions on how to access or download an image. Buyer now more There is a gap of understanding between the seller which is being used to exploit the people.”

NFTs increased in popularity in 2021, gaining mainstream attention in March when digital artwork Every day: first 5000 days Sold by graphic designer Mike Winkelman through Christie’s auction house for $69.3 million.

On Wednesday, dictionary publisher Collins named ‘NFT’ word of the year, overtaking other tech-related terms like ‘metaverse’ and ‘crypto’.


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