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At least three people were killed and others were injured in Thursday night’s shootings in Milwaukee, according to a report.

Milwaukee’s WISN-TV reported that around 9:30 p.m., police responded to a double homicide in which the victims were two men, ages 30 and 36. The report said a 19-year-old man and woman were seriously injured in connection with the same incident.


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Early Friday, WISN reporter Derrick Rose posted on Twitter that a third victim had died, but it was not immediately clear which person had succumbed.

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Police recovered three weapons from the scene but did not get any information about the possible suspects.

5 past victims

Earlier in the evening, four victims were found inside a house and a fifth was later shown at a hospital after being shot, WISN reported.

Shortly before 8 p.m., police investigating a report of property damage suddenly heard gunshots nearby, the station reported. The report said an officer soon encountered an armed man and opened fire with the suspect before he could escape.

WISN reported that responding officers soon found four shooting victims inside a home – two women aged 18 and 25 and two men aged 19 and 65. The four were taken to a hospital, the severity of their wounds not immediately known.

The station said a 20-year-old man arrived at the hospital about half an hour after being shot. He is believed to have been linked to the incident, but it was unclear whether he was the suspect who fled, according to the station.

Because a police officer used his weapon in the case, the case was being investigated by the Milwaukee Area Investigation Team in accordance with Wisconsin law, the report said.

Earlier in the day, the police and some city officials called for more resources to tackle violent crime in the city.