Mingu of SEVENTEEN personal statement on allegations of school bullying after plaidis meet with alleged victims

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    Plaidis Entertainment has released what it describes as its last statement on SEVENTEEN’s school bullying allegations leveled at Mingyu.

    In February, several online posts accused the school of stalking and sexual harassment. Plaidis Entertainment initially denied the allegations previously leveled in these online posts, but after more posts, the agency announced that while some specific claims made about Mingyu were completely false, he cited the case. Their final position planned to examine the facts carefully.

    As they proceeded with their investigation, Pladis Entertainment released two additional statements in March to share new information on the incident to clarify their position.

    On April 6, Plaidis Entertainment shared a new official statement containing a personal message from Mingyu. The agency also announced that after going on a temporary hiatus due to the allegations, Mingyu would return to its scheduled activities.

    The complete details of the agency are as follows:

    Hello, this is Plaidis Entertainment.

    We are making our final statement on what was posted online about SEVENTEEN member Mingu’s school days.

    First of all, our agency examined the facts of the case thoroughly without remembering anything and throughout this process, we approached the matter, with the principle of ensuring that no one had any feelings of injustice. Have not experienced Therefore, we communicated directly with the authors of the online posts related to our artist, and when we came to know that something was not true or misunderstood, we immediately reported those corrections. [through the media].

    After our previous statement, we finally came in contact with the person known as “B” via the author of the post about the middle school incident, and lasted more than three weeks, we learned the facts of the story. Investigated. Although there were parts of the event that each one remembered differently, we tried to find points on which everyone agreed.

    After meeting in person for an in-person face-to-face conversation and examining the truth by exchanging evidence and third-party testimony, we proceeded to understand each other’s positions and discuss them with respect . Our artists [Mingyu] Explained that in his middle school days, when his friends made fun of him, he laughed without thinking anything. Therefore, our artist does not remember the incident described by the person. However, he sent a message through our agency to a person that even if it was unintentional, he was sorry if he hurt his feelings in any way. The person also said that they do not wish our artist to take any more responsibility regarding things that have happened in the past.

    Both the individual and the artist are hoping that the other will not suffer any additional damage due to this case. Accordingly, we hope that the person in question will not be harmed by any unnecessary speculation about the incident.

    Searching the authors of online posts and investigating the facts of many different people and finding out the facts of the case was a task that took a lot of time and effort. Because this was work that could not be taken lightly, we handled every step of the process carefully. We apologize for the late release of our final statement because of this.

    Mingyu apologized to his fans for causing concern and concern about how the incident happened and rewrote the following message:

    He said, “I apologize to the fans that you have caused concern. I struggled through this experience. However, I also ended up learning that my actions could hurt someone, even if I didn’t mean it or remember it that way. This was a time during which I pondered what kind of attitude I should adopt in the future. I am a person who is able to work because of the love of his fans, and I realize once again that because of this, I need to become a more mature person so that I can pay [my fans] With positive energy. In the future, I will be more careful with my actions and work harder so that I can stay on behalf of my fans for longer. “

    With this, our agency intends to wrap up the case about our artist’s school days. Mingyu will also resume activities he temporarily stopped, and he will begin returning to complete his schedule as planned.

    Additionally, our agency would also like to apologize for causing concern to many people due to this matter related to our artist.

    Thank you.

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